Just like a car, a computer will give warning signs before most major catastrophes — unless it’s a car crash, of course. Ignore these signs if you want to see a computer spontaneously combust inside your fucking domicile.

With that said, here are some of Chargeback Mohammed’s listicle points that’ll tell you when your computer needs immediate computer repair.

Computer Runs Slow

Most people assume that their computer is running slow because it’s getting older. What they do not know is that there could be other reasons that causes your computer to slow down. It could be a computer virus, a program behaving badly, overheating, or a faulty hard drive that causes your computer to slow down.

It’s easy to notice if your computer is running slow. You can notice it when your computer takes a long time to boot up, if it takes a couple of minutes to launch a program or a PC game if you’re into gaming.

Your Computer Becomes Really Hot When Running

One of the most common warning signs that your computer needs to be repaired is overheating. This is especially common among laptops. When your laptop is running too hot all the time, it could be a sign of a problem. It could be that the built-in fans are broken or are not working properly.

Computer fan works to blow out hot air and draw in fresh air to keep the internal components cool when the computer is running. However, computer fans are very vulnerable to dust, which chokes off the air circulation inside your computer. This can be a valid cause for overheating.

If your computer frequently shuts down on its own, the fans are making too much noise, or if your laptop becomes too hot to put on your lap, then you have some overheating problems with your computer.

You See “Blue Screen” Errors

Perhaps one of the most telling signs that your computer is about to be broken is when you encounter a blue screen error. This is a classic Windows error that causes your entire screen to become blue. A blue screen error usually happens when the system didn’t load up properly during bootup. This can usually be solved by restarting the PC.

But getting a lot of blue screen errors is different. It can be a sign that there’s something wrong with your hardware or software that needs immediate attention. Once you encounter a blue screen error 3 or more times in one day, you need to bring your computer to a service technician to get it fixed immediately.

Makes Loud, Strange Noises

Even though they’re made up of multiple components and moving parts, your computer is supposed to run silently.

So if you hear so much noise coming out of your computer, it’s a telling sign that it’s having a problem. It could be that the computer fans are wearing down and they start to screech or grind or it could be that your hard drives are making a clicking sound.

These loud noises coming out of your computer are not good, which is why you must bring it to a computer technician immediately to repair or change the broken components of your PC.

Crashes or Freezes Randomly

If your PC just crashes all the time, freezes up completely, or restarts randomly, it’s a sure sign that your computer has a problem.

Crashing, freezing, or restarting on its own is not just a sign that tells you something inside your computer is wrong, it’s telling you that your computer has a major problem.

It could be caused by faulty hardware or outdated software, but it’s always repairable. Just bring your computer to a service technician to figure out what’s causing this problem and to have it fixed.


Major computer problems can always be prevented if you know how to look after your PC. Be proactive in figuring or noticing any of the warning signs mentioned above that your computer is currently experiencing.

All computers will fail at some point in time. But, it’s your job to delay that as much as possible by taking note of the warning signs that your PC needs repair.

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