Should I see a professional about this?

I just came across the word philophobia today and immediately I knew that this is what I had. I've always wondered why I felt so uncomfortable with guys. I would make up lame excuses to not go out with them. Sometimes my lies get ridiculous because I tried to make them sound believable.

There was one guy that I really really liked, the first and last guy I said I love you to, but he broke my heart. After that, I just can't get into relationships. And even if I did, I can't last in it for more than a month. I start avoiding them and get annoyed of them.

I'm actually really worried about my future. what if I don't find anyone, what if I don't get married, what if I won't be able to make my own family? I'm wondering if I should see a professional about this. Is this serious? I hope not.

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