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As we get older, most people’s libido naturally decreases. Many times, after the forties or so, we are forced to rethink this facet of our life as a couple.

There are several contributing factors beyond the obvious. In some women, losing their partner at a certain age can be decisive when retaking or leaving this stage, if nothing is felt.

Hormonal changes are those that most affect libido in both sexes. As studies show, the sexual interest is increasingly difficult to pique. And then you have general and particular discomforts such as physical pain in the back or joints, or other issues related to the natural wear of the body.

But don’t panic. We will tell you about some positions that can help you continue a healthy sex life well into your golden years.

Mutual Stimulation
Experimentation is often a fundamental part of many relationships. Having enough confidence to know your partner’s sexual tastes is the key and really helps a lot.

When you experience some mobility or fatigue problems, mutual masturbation is an excellent way to maintain an active sexual life with your partner.

This is one of the best sexual positions to practice when battling the ravages of time. Having the weight of the bodies supported by the bed eliminates the weight and pressure in the joints, thus preventing pain and discomfort that can take away the desire of anyone.

Sex life experts like Kayla Lords of Jack and Jill Adult site recommend the use of sex toys to keep things spicy in the bedroom. In the case of women, vibrators that add stimulation to the clitoris can be used. There’s quite a selection these days.

While it is a classic sexual position, it has different methods. If experiencing pains or age-related cramps, in general, they tend to affect one more than the other.

Try this: the one with more mobility will go on top of the other so that he or she has more control to satisfy the one below, and control the speed and potency of the act.

According to sexual health expert Danny Garrett (from “The Enhanced Male”), this sexual position is also known as a Cowgirl — when the woman is on top — which helps control the angle and speed of the position.

Doggy Style
This position has the quality of stimulating the G-spot more efficiently. The woman can help maintain the position by placing pillows under the stomach and release the weight that the arms support.

While this position may cost a bit more effort if one of the lovers suffers from back pain, it is one of the best options for people who have difficulty or pain in the hips.

For those who are not too familiar with this position, it is about the woman resting on her knees looking in the same direction as the partner, who penetrates from behind.

Time Bomb
For those who suffer from some type of fatigue or joint pain, this position is one of the best and most recommended.

Don’t let the name scare you — it is one of the positions with the least impact. But unlike other positions on our list, it needs a chair.

With the man sitting, the woman climbs up on his lap, pushing the pelvis and maintaining control of the movements. To help balance, the woman can grab the partner’s shoulders or the chair’s arm rests.

So as you can see, it’s not necessary to be an athlete, higher ranked in the football odds, or a dancer at his or her best to enjoy a comfortable intimate life.

Actually, sexologists have taken as much prominence as other professionals due to the wide sexual liberation that exists in our days, where the ‘tabooest’ things are leaving aside the prohibited part, but maintaining the mystery, which is what attracts us.

A healthy and active sex life is always better than a quieter one. Learning to enjoy sex while aging is not easy, but it is worse to lose your appetite than to practice it. Keep it up!

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