35 thoughts on “Seriously why does basically every American male wear a hat?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t ever see anybody wearing their hat backwards anymore, but if I did I wouldn’t give a heck lmao. It’s just fashion. Every country and every region of it has their own customs.

      One time while out at dinner with my girlfriend, some older couple stopped by our to tell me I should take off my hat. First of all people need to mind their business. Second thing is hecking boomers, people only follow these rules because they were told to follow them as kids. Hat etiquette comes from Christianity where it’s customary to remove your headwear when entering a church, there is also the possibility that hats used to actually be dirty because they were worn more as work wear so dust and dirt used to collect on them and removing them while inside or sitting at a table is the sensible thing to do. It’s 2023 no one cares about religion and men own more than two or three sets of clothing, so our hats are not covered in dirt and shit. We can wear them inside now. The shoe thing I actually agree with, it’s gross.

        • Anonymous says:

          Your head can still get cold indoors, lights can be bright indoors. You don’t always have control of the heating, or lighting inside of every building or home you visit.

          • Anonymous says:

            if it’s so cold you need to wear a beanie then sure there is a valid use case here but any other hat is just stupid and it’s never so bright indoors that you need a brim.

          • Anonymous says:

            Pray tell, anon. Why exactly is it "stupid"? Give me one valid reason. It’s a hecking clothing item. You admit that there’s are valid reasons to cover your head indoors and make an amendment for a beanie but a baseball cap is where you draw the line? Have you never been to a house party? Do you take off your cap, hold it all night, place it on your knee, or put it on the coat and hat rack where any drunken or kleptomaniac idiot will take it as their own?

          • Anonymous says:

            Anon, please don’t sperg out like this ever again. We were discussing why it’d be stupid to wear a hat in doors and suddenly you’re asking me insane hypotheticals about house parties and kleptos.
            Beanies are fine because they’re literally designed for warmth and in these weird scenarios where the inside of buildings are somehow freezing then I’d probably be in some parka or big jacket and wearing a beanie wouldn’t really look out of place. A baseball cap would though because it’s a BASEBALL cap. A classy hat wouldn’t fit either. They just look aesthetically bad and serve no functionally indoors. I don’t know why I’d wear a baseball cap to a house party and if I was afraid of someone stealing it I especially wouldn’t bring it in the fist place. Unless for some reason I’m in a scenario where I was wearing a hat prior to coming to the house party?
            Honestly. That older couple was right about you. Take off your hat at dinner you jackass. There’s no reason to (I doubt this restaurant was so cold your head needed protection) if anything it’s detrimental to wear a hat while going down on food. So the only possible excuse is that you like how it looks and to that I say, you have bad taste in fashion and should dress better next time you take your gf out.
            FURTHERMORE. Hat etiquette exists IRREGARDLESS of its origin (which isn’t actually rooted solely in Christianity a google search told me knights would also take off their helmets to identify themselves and for respect) It has been adopted socially and culturally. It’s literally just a societal custom that taking off your hat is a sign of respect. This isn’t an invalid custom just due to muh boomers or muh christianity. You aren’t special for ignoring valid societal customs.

    • Anonymous says:

      hiding hairlines is the most common case. they call it hatfishing these days and women have caught on to it so now you’re presumed balding if you’re wearing a hat until proven otherwise

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wear a hat if I go outdoors around peak UV, not a fashion choice but I’d like to not prematurely age my skin if I don’t have to

    • Anonymous says:

      People like OP probably don’t go outside, ever. Or they’re one of those weirdos who think giving yourself a sunscreen bukkake is better than putting on a hat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am in the process of growing my hair out and it’s in that unfortunate in-between length where it’s too long to look neat and good and too short still to have it look good
    Hat it is until it grows out a bit more

  3. Anonymous says:

    The only 3 reasons I’m not at home are because I’m working out, running errands, or socializing. I don’t wear them if if I’m out socializing, but if I’m working out or running errands I wear them to keep my hair tidy and stay a little anonymous. COVID lockdowns sucked but it was nice when I could run around town with my mask, hat, and sunglasses and nobody would ever recognize me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The only people who wear backwards baseball caps are undercover cops and white "transmasc" individuals who think for some reason it’s a male thing to do.

    Are you by any chance ftm, dood?

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