Satanic Symbolism

Pic related the all seeing eye, and the bolt representing Lucifer's fall to the Earth.

  1. 2 weeks ago

    The people who place these things everywhere usually aren't aware of what they're doing. Most of the time they mistakenly believe putting those symbols there was their own idea.

  2. 2 weeks ago

    Yep. Sometimes the lightning bolt also represents the electrocution done for programming on slaves

  3. 2 weeks ago

    >Lucifer's fall to the Earth
    where is he now?

  4. 2 weeks ago

    the bolt when used with the all seeing eye represents kabbalah, dumbass

  5. 2 weeks ago

    Where does pic come from?

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  6. 2 weeks ago

    The eye in the pyramid is an egyptian symbol.

    it's just like christians to think any religion other than theirs is evil. you people are so judgementa and prejudiced andcondescending and shitty to others.. this is why you're so persecuted, not because you're righteous.

    • 2 weeks ago

      Well I'm not a Christian, but that shit looks pretty fucking evil to me. Also, the Egyptians were some of the first to introduce the occult/alchemy to humanity. It's very destructive knowledge

  7. 2 weeks ago

    How about the owl?

  8. 2 weeks ago
    • 2 weeks ago

      youre a demon harry

      • 2 weeks ago

        More like "you're a lizard, Harry."

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  10. 2 weeks ago

    Ohhh, it’s a triangle
    Oh no, I can feel it taking away my soul….

  11. 2 weeks ago

    I'll try to simplify it.
    In many mediums
    From video games, shows, movies, music, books, art, sports, logos, words

    There are subliminal messages

    These messages are meant for those who understand them

    A message can have multiple layers of meaning behind them

    And can be woven with other messages to create a whole idea.

    If you want the answer
    This world is ruled by those who worship Lucifer - Satan
    Humanity is manipulated and serve him intentionally and unintentionally

    He can trick humanity because he knows we have free will but are not all-knowing truth

    He cannot trick God who came down in the flesh as Jesus Christ who is allknowing truth

    Jesus died for our sins
    Is returning

    And things all happen as God allows it to happen

    Leading up to prophecies fulfilled
    The antichrist appearing
    Doomsday/the end of the world/Armageddon/apocalypse

    There may be time travel involved
    There may be infinite dimensions involved
    There may be a.i. enslaving and merging with humanity
    "Aliens" and "reptilians"
    Symbols and magic
    Portal opened allowing demons to enter this dimension
    Things hidden underground
    New world order
    Lobotomies to your brain and privates
    Kidnapping and harvesting
    Everything controlled to keep people unhealthy/ignorant/evil
    "They" know God is real
    Some are born into it, some forced, some coerced, some willingly (pray for them because deep down they're fighting And feel trapped and cursed and lost and forsaken - but I'm praying for you guys and I'll read the Bible in divine timing and hopefully all the pieces fall in place.)
    Organized crimes, pandemics, distractions to keep people ignorant
    Hidden agendas
    Mind control
    Rising the ranks
    Demonic possession by doing dirty or unholy things
    Mind altering drugs

    We're in a satanic prison

    And God is real.

    Keep praying to God in Jesus Christ holy name and blood

    To be counted worthy
    For the truth or faith to believe
    For his will to be done
    To be like Christ


    • 2 weeks ago

      It is unsure what or who the Antichrist is

      But I had a image of him that I saw within my mind/vision/dream

      I don't know how he looks physically or spiritually And he had the appearance of a man
      Similar to "lord" Voldemort from Harry Potter
      Mundus from DmC - Devil may cry
      Agent 47 from Hitman
      Palpatine from star wars

      All having their own marks of identification

      This image I provide is calling to me as if chosen
      Did it choose me or did I choose it?

      But destiny is only understood by the author

      In this picture is "lord" Voldemort
      There is a snake - reptile
      There is a inverted cross at the bottom of his name
      Voldemort looks humanoid but is altered
      (Is the antichrist a human that's been altered, a clone, a hybrid, or something pretending to be human wearing a humanoid-like appearance?)

      • 2 weeks ago

        American dad - the antichrist
        He's also is bald and pale in skin tone.
        He name is "Nemo" which is "omen" backward

        And apparently hides within the united nations

  12. 2 weeks ago
    • 2 weeks ago

      Teen titans Go
      A show for children and or targeted for children
      (Aliens which may be souless "evil" entities from a alternate dimension or future/past. Most of these "evil" things hate the light. Are into torture, possession, sodomizing, and think they're gods [worship Satan who's actions lead to their creations and hate the true God - Jesus]

      Since the beginning Satan has been god of this world

      He distorted the truth creating all kinds of beliefs and religions
      He's infiltrated the church
      He's corrupted the Bible

      People need to know that the devil is(/was) real (rebuke in the name of Jesus he is defeated. Know the truth. Don't give him any power in any timeline/dimensions)

      Pray to God
      He is real
      Keep praying

      It's going to be a interesting story at the end when everyone sees it all.

      God, it's me Daniel.
      I know you're all knowing
      I pray in Jesus Christ holy name talking to my Lord

      If you've been watching my life
      You know I'm ignorant
      How I see things can open or close doors
      I believe our father in heaven knows everything
      I share Jesus from this present/past/future

      That God is love and always loved you
      God knows how everything connects
      I'm here knowing he knew I'd be here

      And I talk to you my Lord
      Please always speak to our Father in heaven on our behalf
      I am what our father says I am
      I mean to you what our father allows me to be to you

      I pray because I am a sinner
      No different than anyone
      If I was Mary or a saint or ceaser it is because God allowed my soul to enter that body and make the decisions I'd make with my free will affect reality and being affected

      I am a domino with the cause and effect of it all

      But I pray to you knowing you hear me my lord through every way

      I pray asking for forgiveness for the everything I have or will do

      I ask you watch over me from birth till death
      I ask you intercede to our Father he ordain my life to be as he allows for his will

      To examine the infinite
      My mind and heart

      • 2 weeks ago

        And allow me to be born in the time and space and body that is a life only this soul can experience

        I pray Jesus cover me in your blood
        Intercede to our Father
        I pray for everyone
        I pray Jesus please forgive us
        Only because our Father has allowed us to be ignorant did you forgive us because we do not know what we do

        If I knew the truth and in my heart still cursed my father
        Than I do not or could not receive forgiveness

        Jesus my lord
        Ask the father for me kdvk try sh bff uh did NC
        He will understand

        I pray asking to my Lord please ask our father to know I know he is God so I know he knows but I believe he's God but even if no one believes he is forever God but I am here as proof that God is in my prayers

        I pray may your will be done
        I pray hoping if God allows it or it is his will

        That I Daniel
        Can pray to God in faith
        Hoping in divine timing everything will fall into place

        I'm under evil, my lord
        I can feel deep pain
        As things are
        I pray asking for forgiveness
        I want miracles

        I keep trying
        I keep coming to God
        I know something evil is over me

        It is attacking my mind
        And trying to influence the timeline
        And trying to separate me from God
        And trying to corrupt, destroy, or possess me.

        I know you transcend everything
        Watch over me my entire life

        And in heaven please let me see everything
        The life of Christ
        How everything connected
        Infinity (timelines and dimensions)

        I know you already saw everything
        Let me join you
        Teach me
        Love me

        My lord
        My brother
        Thank you
        I love you
        Thank you God
        In Jesus Christ holy name and blood amen

  13. 2 weeks ago

    American dad
    - rapture/ second coming of Christ

    The kids show is used to educate what will happen taught by a reptile and a blue hedgehog

    Those counted worthy
    Stop sinning, go to church, do good, accept Christ, follow God

    Are lifted up.

    Those left behind will endure a 7 year war against Satan and the antichrist and demons

    In Christian things they twist things to mislead people
    In satanic/worldly things they share truths

    If you're able to collect the truths

    You can start to see the bigger picture.

    Everyone should know Jesus is the son of God

    From there I wish everyone good look.

    Theres 8 billion people
    And forces I don't understand keeping me from connecting all the truths

    I don't have the whole truth
    And I'm not number 1
    Everyone has the potential of hating me

    And even if I was Christ
    They may not understand or reject the truth

    I pray my Lord bless you
    Ask our father to help me

    I pray to read the Bible
    Uncover many truths
    Stop sinning
    Be like Christ
    Separate from the influences

    It's been 8 years
    And I don't have a camera
    And I don't have the objective truth
    And I am not holy or Christ

    I wish you could clean me, teach me, guide me, love me

    In this life the devil uses everything and anything to corrupt and ruin me
    I'm only getting more evil and crazy

    Even though inside of me all I want is to help everyone and for us all to be like Christ.

    Everything is twisted
    And I'm in hell

    I don't understand
    What you understand God

    I just say if you want to be number 1
    Get a camera because all kinds of evil will come to stop you

    It'll spread
    And never stop
    And you'll be constantly destroyed in a neverending spiral
    Getting worse and worse in all ways

    I trust in you God
    Not in what I experienced or how I think

    I hope to separate from the influences that keep me down the negative path

    I pray God - Jesus saves me
    Breaks the curse
    Breaks me off the falling path

    And can put me on the path where I draw close to my Lord and God

  14. 2 weeks ago

    Father in heaven
    In the name of Jesus

    My lord bless you forever

    I pray help me to shed off the old ways
    Abandon Daniel and Vexzel

    Grow under my lord
    And come back into the world with the holy spirit as my guide

    To preach the truth
    So all can hear about our father in heaven

    I pray trusting you in faith
    Please allow me to die for you my Lord in the name of my God
    in Jesus Christ holy name and blood amen

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