Rejection of logic

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Are there any philosophers or works on the complete rejection of the validity of logic? Or religions based on this principle? I'm specifically thinking about Hume's ideas on the uniformity of nature, and why those same principles cannot apply to logic... just because things always have logically meant that 1 + 1 = 2, does that really mean it has to be true forever? I don't think so.

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    there's millions of them, OP
    they're called leftists

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    There are actually different formal languages or logics. Technically, an empricist like Hume or Quine, as well as Buddhist logicans like Dignaga and Dharmakirti all held that the laws of logic reflect the mind or the structures of rules we create. They would differ in the meta-justification for the rules though, and resort to coherentism or reliablism. Basically, that rejects the existence of necessary and universal truths includes such a claim. Another option is mathematical fictionalism like the philosopher Penelope Maddie.

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    >religions based on this principle?
    Anything that is referred to as "mysticism"

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    You can't reject logic, but being only driven by logic will lead to self destruction

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    Logic is just a tool. It is like a map. It takes you from premises to conclusions and nothing more. When you understand that you realize logic isn't everything. If you spend too long looking at the map you don't take in the world around you.

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    I don't know of any formal philosophies about this, but I do agree with you.

    >just because things always have logically meant that 1 + 1 = 2, does that really mean it has to be true forever?
    Kind of. I know what you're asking but you need to ask the question in a different way.
    Most people think logic is directly tied to reality, but it's not.

    What I mean is this: Consider I have 1 object, and I put another one near it do I now objectively have 2?
    Why wasn't it 2 before since both objects already existed, did it only become 2 when they got close? How close is necessary?

    My point is that there is no answer to those questions. Depending on what problem you're trying to solve you'll apply the idea differently.
    So logic is not an absolute statement about reality, it's an APPLICATION of ideas to situations in reality.
    And likewise, the conclusions you draw from logic are not absolute either but INTERPRETATIONS of what we observe in the world.

    If you ask me all of this suggests that logic is really just a language. So "1+1=2" is a sentence in a language. How that sentence applies to reality is up to us. There is no absolute meaning of 1+1=2 in reality, it can be applied to anything.
    Then "true" and "false" are grammatical structures in the language to classify statements that are self consistent within the language, and those which are not (because reality itself doesn't contain anything "false", it's just a construct of our logical languages).

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    Logic is human what may be logic to us doesn't apply to a god.

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    Rejection of logic a retarded way, any post-structuralist homosexual
    Rejection of logic in a philosophical way, as in beyond-logic, someone like Kierkegaard.

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