redpill me on saturn. >star of remphan. >saturday

redpill me on saturn

>star of remphan

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    Read "the Cult of the Black Cube". It will answer many questions you have regarding Saturn (and leave you with more). No I will not give you a brief explanation. I took the time to study this shit and so should you. Also I'm lazy.

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    Saturn aka Chronos aka death aka time

    One of the oldest recorded mystery religions, where instead of worshipping openly and freely you have to keep the tenants secret or “occult”

    Saturn means a lot of different things to different people but it’s definitely spooky, especially the fact that they found a hexagon on Saturn which is just a cube viewed at a certain angle. NASA might even be lying about the hexagon which could arguably be spookier than finding an actual hexagon on Saturn because why would they lie?

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      isn’t the hexagon the star of david too

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    Saturn makes those born under him petty, /2P/ malignant, care-worn, self-depreciating, solitary,
    deceitful, secretive in their trickery, strict, downcast, with a hypocritical air, squalid, black-clad,
    importunate, sad-looking, miserable, with a nautical bent, plying waterside trades. Saturn also causes
    humblings, sluggishness, unemployment, obstacles in business, interminable lawsuits, subversion of
    business, secrets, imprisonment, chains, griefs, accusations, tears, bereavement, capture, exposures of
    children. Saturn makes serfs and farmers because of its rule over the land, and it causes men to be renters of
    property, tax farmers, and violent in action. It puts into one’s hands great ranks and distinguished
    positions, supervisions, management of others’ property, and the fathership of others’ children. Of
    materials, it rules lead, wood, and stone. Of the limbs of the body, it rules the legs, the knees, the
    tendons, the lymph, the phlegm, the bladder, the kidneys, and the internal, hidden organs. Saturn is
    indicative of injuries arising from cold and moisture, such as dropsy, neuralgia, gout, cough, dysentery,
    hernia, spasms. It is indicative of these syndromes: possession, homosexuality, and depravity. Saturn
    makes bachelors and widows, bereavements, and childlessness. It causes violent deaths by water,
    strangulation, imprisonment, or dysentery. It also causes falling on the face.

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    Saturn is the highest orbit of the 7 planets, and so has authority over all of them.
    Saturn represents base survival consciousness.
    Think of people who are just trying to survive, who are in a survival mindset, and how they act differently from those who are seeking pleasure, love, honor and wealth.

    Saturn also rules over karma, so repays evil deeds to people, while the other planets are more likely to be repaying the good deeds.

    Saturn in Pisces brings energies of sorrow, depression and heartbreak.

    You can also think of Saturn as the metaphor of building your life on a strong foundation. If you commit sins, Saturn will repay them to you and destroy you. But if you build a strong foundation of ethics, all of your works will prosper.

    Saturn likes to purify people of their evil inclinations, but doing so is often a time of suffering. It's like a person who goes through a divorce during a transit of Saturn, and suffer a lot through it, but afterwards may be purified in some way.

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    It is a planet of limitation, condensation, restriction, definition, form and structure. Caution, reservations and inhibitions. Discipline, hardships, confinement and delays. Suppression and oppression. Seriousness, patience and prudence. Social and political power. Security and stability. The father image.

    Saturn represents the principle of form and definition which gives all things their unique qualities and structure of being. It symbolizes the outer reaches of Martian impulses and the dominion of Jupiterian commerce and administration. Saturn is also the principle of stabilization, the security factor which gives order and satisfaction to our activities. In a birth chart, Saturn shows your capacity to structure and order your life. Saturn in your horoscope indicates were you seek your sense of personal identity揺ow you define yourself. It also shows your need of security, your sense of personal responsibility and how you see your place in the outer world. Saturn symbolizes your personal doubts and fears, and restrictions placed upon you by circumstances.

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    Another part of info

    Zodiacal Affinity: Capricorn.

    House Affinity: Tenth.

    Polarity: Masculine.

    Colors: Black and gray.

    Anatomy: Skin, hair, bone and teeth. Joints and tendons. The secretive system. The spleen. Hearing.

    Metal: Lead.

    Gem: Garnet, jet, any black stone.

    Astronomy: Saturn is the outermost of the planets of the classical system葉he most distant planet visible to the naked eye. It has a day of about ten Earth hours and revolves around the Sun once every 29.46 Earth years.

    People: Patriarchs and matriarchs. Elders, hermits and conservatives. Authorities.

    Things: Real estate. Heavy items. Foundations and institutes. The established order and the rules and agencies that uphold it. Age, aging and death.

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    In psychology used as control
    Archons seethe in the shadow of saturn
    Its a gambit

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    Jai Shani Maharaj dev ji

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    Its just a planet that a bunch of edgy loser cunts happen to worship

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