21 thoughts on “rate my squad

  1. Anonymous says:

    more than a few years late on the Rick spam
    can’t take a gbc fan srsly either
    only thing passable is the arctwizzy beta jacket kek

  2. Anonymous says:

    You look like you’re askin for a beating. Where I’m from women would giggle at you and men would punch you in the face for ‘no reason’, although the reason is pretty obvious, it speaks for itself.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Left to right:
    >Normal looking guy, doesn’t look like he’s trying though
    >Nosering gay queer gay
    >All-black fit kinda boring but you can tell he’s trying. It puts emphasis on his face. Good expression. He looks like a cool, happy guy.
    >Spends thousands on designer clothes but won’t spend 10 minutes in the bathroom taking care of himself. Needs to hit the gym too.
    >Looks kinda uncomfortable, the clothes are wearing him. Funny in a sad way when you realize he spends a ton of money to look like that.

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