36 thoughts on “Rate my drip

  1. Anonymous says:

    >wacky alien mona lisa
    >le funny porn hub sticker
    >dude weed x2
    Damn your personality is dry and your background shows you’re trying too hard to compensate for that. You have nothing worthwhile to live for so you resort to attentionwhoring from internet loners for validation. Try doing something with your life other than buying reddit tier stickers and being a wide open hole.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Trashy zoomer c rate only fans wannabe bullshit. The quirky slacker girl meme is hecking dead. It was never attractive or fashionable to begin with. You’ll get run through young, decide you’re a lesbian, battle a personality disorder and mild addiction, then pretend you’re a victim instead of just socially awkward, lazy, and boring. You aren’t eclectic you’re autistic. Get a hecking job loser.

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