Pushing away the love

When I was young ... I fell in love.... he broke my heart so bad that I hated everyone and everything...now it's been 4 years after he broke my heart I have gotten over it... but I'm scared to love again... I'm scared to let people in ... I say it to my friends but I don't mean it all the time..... But I cannot except love from guys or my own dad.... I hear it all the time "I love you" I just feel sick to my stomach....I get headaches, I have trouble sleeping....and I hang around guys that I know that will not love me...I push away guys that make me feel like they are showing they love me ... I get mad to scare them away...life has been hard.....I want to love and I want someone to love me.... but as soon as I feel it I push away.

  1. 6 years ago

    It's okay. I felt the same too. I had a similar situation with you, though mine was just a crush. He was a friend of my friend and I ended up liking him. He "rejected" me and we stopped talking. The time gap was the same as you; 4 years. I pushed boys away and then feeling bad afterwards. This feeling is hard to explain. Until now, I still can't get rid of these feelings.

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