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Hysterical mob targets Pewds after Ben Shapiro guests Meme Review The more ambitious crossover event than Avengers: Infinity War earns wide acclaim — and deranged diatribes.

Okay, this is epic. PewDiePie — the world’s most popular YouTube personality and generally wholesome Swedish funnyman — enlisted prominent conservative Ben Shapiro to help respond to memes on the November 2nd edition of his meme reviewing show.

And the boo-hoo now being cultivated in the chronically too online petri dish would give Morton Salt a run for its money. Here’s a sample:


Having Shapiro on Meme Review makes perfect sense. Together Ben and Pewds make the two biggest figures among those who attempt to walk the fine line between irreverence and reasonableness in the culture war, and you’ve gotta admit Shapiro himself is a(n accidental) meme machine.

Shapiro didn’t even say anything political during his four minute segment. He was simply there to review memes, and that’s precisely what he did — going over memes that fans and haters alike made, judging them for their quality.

“Ben Shapiro destroys sandcastles you spent the whole day building because you should grow up, you big baby.”
“Ben Shapiro destroys you with FACTS and LOGIC.”
“Ben Shapiro drinks your liberal tears.”

But alas, the personal is political and silence is complicity. The mere act of platforming someone who isn’t biting at Trump’s ankles 24/7 is problematic, you Super Hitler.

The commentary community’s Quinton Reviews was one of the many humor deprived zombies who couldn’t hold back a virtue signaling puke, and accused PewDiePie of “humanizing” Ben, as if he isn’t already human, or normal.

And I’m really starting to dislike the word “normalized.” They’re just memes. It’s not that deep.

It’s not that Shapiro even needs a larger platform to grow. He’s already got a big ‘un. Every conservative-minded young person probably already subscribes to his podcast. Ben is smart. He’s got a lot to say about politics from a right-leaning perspective in a way that’s moderate, reasonable, and more importantly: not boring to listen to.

There’s probably an argument to be made about how memes are the lifeblood of political ideas in that they impart political consciousness to an otherwise sleepy and passive audience of apolitical gamers, who make up PewDiePie’s primary audience. Ideas are dangerous, after all.

But as far as I’ve been able to discern, nothing does a better job of waking people up more effectively than hysterical outrage over stupid shit. No one likes being told they’re not allowed to enjoy something, especially when that something isn’t harmful to begin with. Good job, fun police. Your sirens woke up the whole neighborhood.

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  1. Lil Chungus Lil Chungus

    Sorry libtards, but you need to be relevant and actually have a sense of humour to host meme review (an inflamed vagina doesn’t count).

  2. TheDiaz TheDiaz

    This is why I always, since I was a kid, believed that extramism and fanatism is dangerous and blinding. Common people, just because he likes Shapiro means he agrees or tries to pull m a political agenda. I like Ben Shapiro because of how good he is for making arguments but that doesn’t mean i agree with him (example, his view on transexualism being a mentall illness to which you can ask him what is, under psychology, the definition of a “mental illnes”). Here in Chile we Have José Antonio Kast, a conservative, who got invited to a panel of women to talk about abortion, and it actually was a conversation, they were talking, one jumped and insulted him but noticed her mistake and decided to apologize, claiming she just felt angry and failed to control it, and you could see she felt bad for what she did, and they even laughed, shared points of views, listened to him. We can have this on today’s politics, how they are supposed to be. Anyone that reads this and is on one of the extremes please, doubt on the biases of your movement, challenge your ideas, your world will be much more happy.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    Now you see how the Soviet gulags were permitted to exist, and how average Germans did nothing while millions of garden gnomes were murdered. Anyone who isn’t a leftist fanstic (i.e. who doesn’t confirm to your ideology) is evil and has forfeited the right to live. It’s pure resentment and hatred. Do something better with your lives.


    U say like “some one not like ben and pews to reveiw meme together” and im not those picture of yours and bunch of twicher comment wont give me a reason to hate him, this articlr was a click baited btw.
    And your political suc.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    Of course Quinton reviews is here

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I just lost a lot of respect for the guy

      • Anonymous Anonymous


  6. Anonymous Anonymous

    I read all those tweets in Paul Joseph Watson’s sped-up voice

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      For pewds?
      You should join the subreddit then.
      You kinda got whooshed.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Thanks for the tip

  7. Anonymous Anonymous

    Haha, classic. Of course he knew this would be the reaction, though. His balls grew 7 inches that day.

    Props for including them repulsive tweets from the repugnant Quinton.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Them some löng balls

  8. Brandi Blapp Brandi Blapp

    I legit have no words with how awful the left can be. I sincerely wish the internet didn’t exist sometimes. We love you Pewds. We know you did it for the lulz.

  9. Chum bucket Chum bucket

    The left getting offended over memes….. what else is new?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I’m left of center and even I think this level of salt is hilarious.

    • Spaghetti Monster Spaghetti Monster

      If you read the objections you’d know ‘the left’ isnt mad over gently caressing memes.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous

    WTF is I may not agree with shap about 100% of the time, but pew can do what he wants.

  11. Tayto Tayto

    Great artical. I never even knew the colab had butt hurt so many people being from the UK. Personally, I liked the colab for what it was a meme, I don’t think anyone needs to read into it more than that. People need to stop trying to shackle others just because it doesn’t coincide with there beliefs or opinions and this is all coming from the liberal left….. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy?

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I consider myself to be moderate – left, i don’t personally agree with some of Ben’s ideas, and i gotta say this is pretty true. I don’t understand why people have to make such a big deal over a simple meme that didn’t even have any political connotation. (Plus the video was pretty funny)

  12. Sheesh Sheesh

    smash that butthurt button!

  13. Anonymous Anonymous

    i was wondering why the article completely glazed over the problem and pandered to Ben Shapiro fanboys. of course its written by Ian Miles Cheong

    • Mike C Mike C

      It’s an article with common sense. Who is it supposed to pander to? Identity politic leftists? Any outrage at pewds using ben Shapiro as a meme to review memes, thereby having the action of Ben on the channel being a meme in its own right, is senseless.

    • skippyikeog skippyikeog

      It’s completely immature to freak out over a collab between Ben Shapiro and Pewdiepie. I personally identify as a leftist, pretty far left too, and I don’t like Ben Shapiro’s views. But he’s funny, and he did a great job reviewing those memes. There was no problem in the video. The backlash only ends up with everyone complaining. Can’t we just get along for once?

    • RTS RTS

      What problem?

    • Oldman Sacks Oldman Sacks

      What was “the problem”? Can you even give me a semi intelligent answer? Please explain it to me I really really want to understand people like yourself..

  14. N.b. N.b.

    I think this just shows the depth of the depravity of some of these people. Humanizing… A human is now apperantly evil? Having a meme on meme review is now evil?
    Fellas, this is why the left can’t meme.

  15. Anonymous Anonymous

    He did it for the Lulz

    • Anonymous Anonymous


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      memes don’t care about your feelings

  16. Anonymous Anonymous

    The reason people are like that is because of the environment they grew up on, full of talent crushing poopyholes, suking the life out of the next generations talents. Here in the Philippines we dont have much problems regarding those issues America is facing ( the whole duterte campaign and drugs aside ) if ever you do the same thing here in the Philippines people will gently caress you up and put you on tv if your not feeling defeated yet. And every Filipino goes by or believes on the saying
    ” youth is the hope of our future “, “It is a useless life that is not consecrated to a great ideal. It is like a stone wasted on the field without becoming a part of any edifice “, and lastly ” One only dies once, and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again “. People should start reflecting on their actions and behaviors, but then again they only listen to themselves until they die and regret their mistakes and burn in Hell.

    • Uhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhh

      Lol I can’t tell if this is a serious comment but I live in the Philippines and I laughed at the “we don’t have any problems regarding those issues” part

  17. Anonymous Anonymous

    Ummm. Theres nothing about a fatwa in this article. Clickbate much?

    • Anonydox Anonydox

      If only they were… But the extreme lef..I mean “progressives” are just that out of touch.

      I considered myself left since I was about 14 so that’s about 25 years now. These days I feel shame even thinking about what the left is doing..

      What really boggles the mind is how they are doubling down on the very same tactics that got Trump elected in the first place.

      I’m sick and tired of being called all the ist words or phobe words because I don’t agree with Socialism and I think of you want to enter the country you should do it legally.

      I wouldn’t sneak into some other country and expect to make a living by taking some job from someone who actually is supposed to live there. Of course companies (both big and small) are mostly to blame since they employ these people and it certainly doesn’t help if they get money from the government.

      It’s also absolutely disgusting that the left is demonizing Trump for something Obama did, meaning separating children from adults. Reason being is that a large number of these kids aren’t the children of the adults and they are being brought here for sex trafficking and prostitution… Yet we are evil evil people for making sure there is an actual family relationship between these people.

  18. An Ant An Ant

    I hope you all are enjoying the ability to spew your mindless venom. When the zombie apocolypse happens, i’m taking your stuff first. The weak always talk the loudest…

    • Despacito Bebe Despacito Bebe

      This is the greatest threar i have heard in my life, and i fully support u

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Shut up nerd.

  19. Ro Ro

    Pewds needs to learn to not listen to the loudmothed few you think out of their ass instead of their head

  20. Alex Jones Alex Jones

    I didn’t think it was funny.

    Everyone who agrees with me on this point also agrees with me on everything else I say.

  21. Fact: Fact:

    Fact: all americans who aren’t Clinton donors are alt-right. You could have prevented Cheeto Hitler by giving up one week’s worth of your suburban or rural retard diabetus drinks

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      pewdiepie is swedish or british depending on how you look at it, the gently caress does he have to do with your election? gently caress off

      • Human decency Human decency

        Pewdiepie is a millionaire and was perfectly aware of what happened, when it happened, and how electing a fascist into US office is going to have repercussions around the world. Simple human decency and responsibility to his millions of LGBT and women and PoC subscribers demanded his action, so of course he chose to meme instead. gently caress that guy.

        • Anonymous Anonymous

          White dudes have the luxury to “meme” while people are out here dying.

          Transgender suicide rise is now competing with bitcoin it’s that bad. And that’s just one example.

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            White dudes have the luxury to meme?? Why does it have to be white? That’s racist. There’s many more people who are black and are also memeing and that don’t care about who’s dying why do the white people have to be at fault? Are you retarded?

          • And let me guess you want to let transgender people get gender reassignment surgery (that doesnt affect the suicide rate) rather than actual treatment. Gender Dysphoria is a mental illness and requires proper treatment. You dont give a schizophrenic a shotgun because they think demons are after them so you dont let someone with gender dysphoria chop off thier penis because they think theyre a girl

        • RTS RTS

          It’s inconceivable that people are still talking this same tired bullpoopy line they have been since 2016: “Orange Man is a fascist!” “Orange Man is a racist!”

          This kind of logic is pitiful. Are we adults here, or children?

  22. Anonymous Anonymous

    Is every American like you people? Racist bigots with no empathy for the rest of the world. You people are deranged bullies gently caressed in the head, every single frustration in your life is projected in your hatred towards minorities and the left. Brainwashed monkeys who believe in alterative news source, not because you actually mainstream ones lost credibility but because you want to feel special and be part of the “other”. It’s laughable, America is a sick society but deep down, very deep down you guys know you can’t win, you can’t take the inmigrants back, you can’t get rid of the blacks, of feminism. Trump being elected in 2016 is a mirage for conservatives, you people are just angering the left and democrats even more and more. Prepare to be liquified in 2021 scum.

    • PewDiePie PewDiePie

      I would like to think that this comment is an excellent piece of satire, but after reading some of those tweets, I’m not so sure.

      • Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye

        I agree with you there felix I’m not sure about this eather…but hey I’ve gotried nothing to do with this!

    • Claz Claz

      Cant be sure if serious or just heavy sarcasm as no one could be so stupid as to claim one group is intolerant of other people and evil cause they hate people without their views.

      Then go on a big diatribe on how much you hate that group and want them liquified because they dont share your views.

      The hypocrisy is real

      • Guy Guy

        Definite troll. Probably laughed the entire time to himself while writing all of that

      • Youspeakdatruetrue Youspeakdatruetrue

        Probably not a troll, many people are this brainwashed. It goes so deep they are physically incapable of seeing their reality.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Well someone’s butthurt lol

    • Anonymous Anonymous



      Yikes, I think someone ordered the hot sack lunch…..

    • Billybob Billybob

      I started to hope this comment was comedic, but I’m not sure now.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      The presidential election is in 2020. Sorry bud. Plus America is the greatest country.

    • A amused fellow A amused fellow

      I legit thank you for a good laugh.

  23. Fireman Fireman

    A good way to spot ’em

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Lmao if you read books youre basically hitler

  24. Anonymous Anonymous

    Endlessly memed man appears on meme channel in self-aware meme? That’s national socialism.

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