How i do overcome my worst fear?

I'm 18 this year, and all i wanted on my life is to be loved... i finally got it, 4-5 months ago in the internet.... And everything fell down 2-3 weeks ago, after knowing that my internet bf cheated on me with someone who was my friend...

I can't feel love again, or when someone tells that i should wait longer so i can feel love again, but i cant... i feel that its gonna be the same again...

I feel like shit and i don't want to be lonely, but at the same time i'm scared of loving someone if its gonna end like this,

How i can overcome this pain and fear?

  1. 5 years ago

    i’m sorry you went through that. it sucks. they suck. people say that being hurt is a part of life and i get that, but it still hurts and tears you down. it’s okay for you to feel how you feel. i feel like you should focus on moving on, not necessarily to someone else but for yourself. it’s difficut, but i know for a fact you can and will get through it

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