Friends and fellow youtubers — even Keemstar — have repeatedly tried to get him help, but Brian ‘Blade’ Risso, the semi-famous Call of Duty youtuber who now resorts to livestreams for drink donations, refuses any kind of treatment that might take him away from his daily routine of getting black out drunk to the point of urinating and defecating on himself.

The lifestyle, combined with his diabetes, has exacted a terrible and grotesque toll on his now partially rotting body. People on Reddit are daily speculating on his imminent demise, with some only giving him months to live.

“Amputation hype”

Users of r/Ice_Poseidon2, a subreddit dedicated to laughing at IRL livestreamers, are closely monitoring his rotting legs in particular — and cheering on every development even as they realize it can only end in amputation or death.

The subreddit views Blade’s leg holes as entertaining livestream characters in their own right, and have created hundreds of memes for them. They are even the subject of a catchy music track that has garnered tens of thousands of listens on youtube alone.

Now they believe Blade’s legs are on the home stretch before the inevitable amputation.

Daily livestreams reveal his legs (as well as his lower waist) are starting to take on a brownish purple hue, and his leg holes are rapidly growing bigger and deeper.

Viewers thought it was about to get to the Dial 911 stage last night, as Blade’s idiot savant friend from Denmark livestreamed a barely alive Blade wobbling around on a bed and making unearthly obesity noises. His legs and leg holes were clearly worse than ever before, and Bjorn made some attempts to consult an internet doctor about the situation.

It should be noted that not all r/Ice_Poseidon2 users are seeing the journey to amputation as good entertainment. Many are still urging Blade to seek help in futile posts that will go unseen (he is only conscious a few hours a day) or get shot down by one of Blade’s many clever catchphrases, such as “scram, bitch” and “you’re poor, bitch.”

IRL livestreaming keeps getting ever more degenerate as has-beens, gold diggers, and homeless people compete for viewer donations in debauchery and crime filled retard sprees pioneered by Ice Poseidon. Ice Poseidon was an LGBT livestreamer who got his start as a Florida-based Runescape troll and eventually earned upwards of thousands of dollars a day livestreaming the dregs of LA society.

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