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    • Vieo says:


      When I used to work on the day shift, when I would be on my way home at night on the train, there would be this creepy group of white women that looked exactly like the one in that webm, wearing similar "modest" dresses, like out of some conservative white dude’s fantasy.

      They would work their way down the train car asking people "Would you like to come to church with me tomorrow?".

      One of them asked me once while I was just sitting there poking around on my phone.

      When I looked up from my phone at her and saw her face, she had no makeup on at all, no tan, and a creepy smile as she said "Would you like to come to church with me tomorrow?".

      I just said "no thank you" and she moved on down the train car, when the train stopped at the station, one of them said "Come on, sisters." and they got off onto the platform and quickly moved to the next car.

      But, do you know what the creepiest part of all was?

      This happened on a Sunday night.

      That means they wanted me to go to church with them on a Monday.

      Who the hell goes to church on a Monday.

      There’s something really wrong going on with those people.

  1. Anonymous says:

    have a nice day for watching this and the only thought you have is her heckin hair.

    She has nothing and no prospect of anything and stupid hecker’s gears are grinding in his brain about "paying things back" and improving the credit score.

    >muh student debt
    fifty hecking thousand dollars and this dumbass wants her to pay it back.

    There’s something called a disability discharge and she’s mentally ill enough to qualify for it


    Boom, I just cleared all of her student debt with one simple trick.

    >muh ambulance ride debt
    Hey prognathism Italian guy or whatever the heck he is. Medicaid covers 100% of medical expenses even in the past. Just sign her up for this problem solved and she’ll qualify making $1000 a month and it goes away.

    >values her 2007 180k mile shitbox at $4000
    Top kek. Anyone with a brain doesn’t count a primary vehicle as an asset either.

    >muh good goy score
    Either don’t pay the cards or declare bankruptcy. They aren’t secured by anything.

    >muh 10,000 would be 110,000 in another 30 years
    Another midwit point. 10% ROI a year isn’t sustainable and regardless she’ll be a dried up barron grandmother minus the child and minus the grandchild, completely alone with nothing.

    Imagine being such a stupid midwit as that guy with no real knowledge and just parroting Dave Ramsey. She’ll get a nothing peanuts $60k a year job. She’ll live in misery paying off the debt. Then she’ll then pay the exorbitant student loan balance because she was braincucked by a stupid and rent on her own and after expenses she’ll be living like she was before.

    If she listened to ME instead, she would have lost none of this money, wouldn’t be blowing a quarter of her paycheck on student loans for the rest of her life, and may have been able to live comfortably on her $60k a year job albeit doubtful seeing it’s Seatle. I refuse to bow down to these institutions.

    • Anonymous says:

      These stupids would rather everybody be poor than admit that the system isn’t built around rewarding their masochistic idea of what "hard work" entails.

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