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Jesse Singal, a New York Magazine contributor, has signed off Twitter for what may be the last time. Opting to delete his account instead of facing the music, Singal made his exit following harassment allegations.

Over the past two years, Singal has been writing critically about transgender issues for NYMag, earning him accusations of transphobia from certain quarters. Amid accusations of bigotry towards transgender people, allegations have surfaced that Singal’s inquiries into the topic went far beyond simple research, and in some cases bordered on harassment.

To delve into Jesse Singal’s involvement in the topic of transgenderism is akin to watching an immersive television drama, replete with a rich cast of characters.

Singal’s criticism of transgenderism from a liberal point of view came to a head this weekend when he got into an argument over whether it was offensive to claim that “gender identity” had nothing to do with biology. Singal opted to cite Tim Faust, a socialist metalhead who is himself an interesting character, made popular by his appearances on the leftist Chapo Trap House podcast.

In a deleted tweet, Singal wrote: “I’m curious to get Tim’s take. I think he agrees with me on this but he can’t say so on Twitter.”

Faust reprimanded the writer and accused him of hurting the very people he claims to defend.

“What the fuck is your problem you weird gender-obsessed pervert,” Faust continued, adding that “Jesse Singal is the human personification of ‘I have more of a comment than a question.’”

The tweets provoked a firestorm of outrage against Singal, whom many on the left saw as finally being put in his place. Faust’s tweets kicked off a flood of allegations that Singal had previously harassed women—particularly transgender women, both publicly and privately.

Transgender activist Andrea James speculates that Singal, like many other liberal writers, build their careers off the popularity of transgender women like herself, Jamie Clayton, popular YouTubers Contrapoints and Blaire White, and many other prominent transgender women in the media.

“Nobody makes Jesse Singal fan art or buys him wishlist items,” wrote James, who is a film producer and director. “He lacks everything needed for that to happen. Jesse Singal types want to live vicariously through you. They are vampires.”

Following James’ tweets, transgender journalist Katelyn Burns took Singal to task for drawing harassment towards her. She claims that their back-and-forth arguments eventually took a turn for the personal.

“When it was over, I thought I wouldn’t hear from him again. Instead, he kept DMing me under the guise of asking follow ups, but those conversations would turn personal eventually also,” she wrote, adding that although he wasn’t abusive, his conversations were “borderline flirty” and made her feel dehumanized.

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Burns claims that after she talked to others about her experience with Singal, she soon learned that other transgender women had similar experiences with him.

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Another transgender woman, who goes by RobotAnna, weighed in on the thread with an email Singal sent her last year following her negative interactions with him.

The allegations against Singal aren’t exactly new. Last year, Jamie Walton, the female founder of an anti-sex trafficking organization accused the NYMag writer of behaving in a predatory manner.

The NYMag writer falsely blamed the GamerGate movement (NYMag’s now corrected story: she was fired for violating multiple employment policy) for Nintendo’s decision to fire one of its employees who was moonlighting as a prostitute. The claim was later proven false, and earned Singal the moniker of “Virtue Singal.”

During his investigation into GamerGate, Singal conflated Walton with the movement. Walton alleged that Singal “hounded me with fake nice emails and tweets trying to get me on record,” adding that he “behaves like a predator rather than a journalist. So glad I ignored him entirely.”

Singal denied the claims.

For now, Singal is denying that he deleted his account for any reason other than to take a break from “draining internecine arguments,” calling his departure “temporary.” Whether he returns remains to be seen.

UPDATE: He’s back on Twitter.

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