27 thoughts on “>not cold enough for a coat. >not warm enough for a shirt. >raining and windy af

    • Anonymous says:

      are the g9’s anywhere this baggy anymore? not even the archive version looks like this
      or did he just size the hell up

    • Anonymous says:

      unlined denim jacket or canvas jacket is the most chad option


      Not just a harrington, THE harrington

      is a solid runner up


      is there something slightly more formal? pic rel is way too much but something in-between would be nice

      idk depends how masculine you are. if you’re a chad tweed jackets can look really nice. gets pussies wet. don’t ever buy a cheap one they look like shit.
      if you’re a basedface its one of the most virginal dork redditmaxx things you can wear.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t really care about how hot the jacket is because I’m just wearing it for the short period of time I’m out in the rain. As soon as I’m indoors I’m taking it off.

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