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Why are creative and interesting sexy-wear designs so hard to find outside of Etsy or AliExpress?

All designs you see in stores are basically very samey. The underlying "structure" is the same, only a few superficial things change.

> dresses with basically the same cut, only difference is where a flair or decorative attachment is placed
> underwear is always the same design, but omg different patterns of lace and different colors! So creative omg
> shoes are the same, this pointy heel is the same as that one, but instead of a flower on top it has a gem thingy! So creative

But then the places where you get true creativity are either aliexpress, where clothing products are always always trash quality made in sweatshops, even the ones that are not dirt cheap, or Etsy where some wood elf hand crafts a sock out of some bespoke wool and the price is 300 bucks since there’s zero economy of scale.

Pic related. This is a great sexy stiletto boot/stocking concept. Can’t find it outside of AliExpress, and there it costs over a hundred bucks. The ones I can find elsewhere are not the same, they’re loose, made of faux leather, etc.

Why is it so hard to find creative designs outside of these two extremes?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I guess because bespoke people arent having sex like the filthy animals. No desire for rather boring vanilla dark red silk lingere-fetishism. So the chinese just cater to the biggest audience: the filthy animals

  2. Anonymous says:

    cause the basic shit sells if you ever seen that video of all the white women wearing the same blue denim jacket and white sneakers you will understand to women its all about fitting in. theres maybe 10% of women that are the equivalent of chads that are trendsetters. that try new shit while the rest all follow this goes for lingerie high heels stockings.also alot of women these days give zero hecks about material quality or forking out money for clothing.they tend to shop on etsy ali express shein and loads of other chink sites that sell shit cheap thats like 100% polyester very few actually like quality shit except for the usual brands agent provocateur la perla etc.TLDR women are cheap and soulless consumers

    • Anonymous says:

      This is true. I recently purchased items from Amazon for quite a lot of money for only a jacket and a purse, the quality is hecking horrible. Where can I find nice quality items? Dresses or anything really

      • Anonymous says:

        Be reasonable with what your buying golden rule is if it sounds too good to be true it usually is don’t take chances understand that the vast majority of womens clothing is peak consumerism made to be worn out once or twice and thrown in the back of the closet never to be seen again.

    • Anonymous says:

      hecking depressing

      Does it sound nice to buy a faux leather body harness for three bucks? Sure. Then you wait half a month to get it and it breaks the second you pull on it during sex.

      Alternatively you can buy a similar harness made of high quality leather from some artisan for 300 bucks. It will last, yes, but who the heck would spend that much on a harness?

      Why the heck isn’t there a middle ground? I want the option to buy a harness made of good faux leather that won’t disintegrate, for 30 to 50 bucks maybe.

      I’ve literally resorted to making my own stuff. Though of course it’s a huge time sink, me making it doesn’t benefit from economies of scale time-wiser.

      It’s infuriating. I’m limited by the market’s lowest common denominator.

      • Anonymous says:

        A lot of sex stores have pretty decent harnesses if it’s from about 80/140$ it should be okay. usually sex stores don’t sell bad shit due to quality control issues where if it’s bad it doesn’t sell so they usually stock brands that have a reputation for being of quality just shops around and do research you will find something.

        • Anonymous says:

          Bad example, that was something I experienced and which illustrates the shit quality. But I’m mostly looking for sexy clothing and footwear in general, not necessarily sex stuff.

      • Anonymous says:

        To me it looks pretty much like any other copy paste lingerie out there… What exactly do you find interesting about it? I’m genuinely curious, I don’t see it

        • Anonymous says:

          If you think that’s cheap you don’t know much about lingerie that suspender and the bra have no visible seams and the embroidery is top tier

          • Anonymous says:

            I wasn’t commenting on the build quality, I was asking about the design itself. That design is unremarkable, is it not?

          • Anonymous says:

            Well there’s a large variety of different lingerie that set is more traditional these days girls like those modern harnesses and those leg garter things I personally hate that look of them and think they look mind if I ask what you don’t like about it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Because you’re a porn addict. You’ve already seen the interesting stuff and it’s no longer interesting and feels samey to you. You literally point out that Etsy has tons of creative designs and then cry about the price. heck off and just make your own shit and stop crying about it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Aliexpress Queenie shoes. Selling it for 120+ bucks. One single photo, no reviews.
      With the quality track record out of Aliexpress you are likely to receive something that will disintegrate upon arrival, or not fit any woman who isn’t built like a tiny thin asian.

      This is precisely the point of the thread.

      • Anonymous says:

        >or not fit any woman who isn’t built like a tiny thin asian.
        Was about to say, those women in the pics must be 80lbs. Their thighs look like American women’s arms.

        • Anonymous says:

          I know. Additional frustration. Because that means even if someone is up to gamble that money on the slim chance the product quality is not trash, it’s unlikely to fit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Look up structured light (Pic related)

      I find that fishnet stockings (small-ish holes) and bodystockings (which are usually fishnet-y) have a similar visual effect, and enhance all curves. Look at her thighs and knees, you can tell the details of her body shape in a way you wouldn’t if she were naked. You can tell where she’s flexing and where her body is distended since the hole sizes will vary accordingly. It’s entrancing.

      Takes us back to OP’s issue though. Bodystockings need to fit well to look good, but the majority of bodystockings you find are "one size fits all", which is laughable. My gf is relatively tall for a woman, with long legs. When she puts on a "one size fits all" bodystocking, the crotch on the bodystocking floats two thirds of the way up her thighs, and the whole thing is so stretched that it easily slips off her shoulders if she moves.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That’s not "original". That’s literally a XV century cavalry boot, just stiletto instead of sensible-length heel, and closed with lace instead of buckles.
    >B-but obscure medieval thingie! At least they did research!
    Not obscure. The particular boot this one is bsed upon is masively produced for reenactors – also in China sweatsohps

    • Anonymous says:

      This is not the place for an "all art is derivative" discussion. You don’t see heels like those in the lingerie/clubwear context, therefore they are original in that context. If I’m wrong, surely you wouldn’t have trouble pointing out several alternatives with the same design and material composition?

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