Nice Dress Pants Suggestions

I recently purchased a handful of nice dress shirts from Brooks Brothers and Charles Tyrwhitt.

I am now looking for advice for some quality dress pants to match.

I do really like side adjusters if that is an option, however not required.
My price point is no more than $200 for a pair of pants. Ideally in the $118 and under range though.
I get away with wearing the same pants for a week if I want, as long as I don’t get them dirty. It’s my shirts that I have to change more because sweat. So I only really need like 1 black and 1 navy and I have cheaper pairs to hold me over if I need.

Everything I buy is getting tailored anyways. I’m debating if I should get "slim fit" pants or just regular and have them fitted. I think slim fit will be my best choice, less material to remove, cheaper to tailor.

Someone suggested Spier and Mackay. I’ve never heard of them. Their stuff looks not bad. Any opinions?
Right now I have calvin klein stuff and I’m extremely unimpressed they all are unthreading and just look like shit after a few weeks of wear. Never again. I just want a few nice things.

19 thoughts on “Nice Dress Pants Suggestions

  1. Anonymous says:

    Picrel is unironically the style and fit I’m going for
    Disregard the colors
    Again side adjusters are nice, but not required. I know they are found on more high end stuff and bespoke.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know if slim fit is what I’m looking for
      Every brand seems different
      This is how I want them to fit
      What would you consider this? They don’t really look slim, but definitely tailored

    • Anonymous says:

      OK makes sense
      So basically regular, and have them tailored.
      Slim around waist, and just a very slight taper going down

  2. Anonymous says:

    Charles Tyrwhitt do nice pants as well. The ‘Natural Stretch Twill Suit Pants’ are wool.

    For that brand, the difference between slim and classic is just how much room is in the thighs. I went with slim even though I am not that small. There didn’t seem to be a good reason to have pants that balloon out at the thighs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Someone suggested Spier and Mackay. I’ve never heard of them. Their stuff looks not bad. Any opinions?
    they’re good for their price. nice high rise cut in a variety of fabrics, this is a pair of the rust donegal tweed

      • Anonymous says:

        did the other anon post proof he owns a pair?

        durability wise i’ve had this pair for about two wears, worn once or twice a week from fall to spring, no noticeable issue yet

        • Anonymous says:

          Nope, and he gave no other suggestions so I disregarded
          But that’s why I was asking you.
          I will be wearing daily but yeah.

          Do yours have the side adjuster? How do you like?

          • Anonymous says:

            yes I got the side tab adjusters, don’t use it that often cause i wear suspenders with them so i leave it a little loose (a thumb’s worth of room) and just let the suspenders do its thing

  4. Sieg says:

    Incited, canali, Valentino was well made

    This is all old info I don’t wear any of that shit anymore, I work in a skilled trade now so most of what I wear are high end camera brand tshirts I get for free

    Arri , red etc

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