26 thoughts on “Need advice

  1. Anonymous says:

    Clean shave and do something about that middle part. It is just way too exaggerated. Just go to a hair stylist and he’ll probably fix it up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do your parting and let the front part hang loose while u crunch the rest of hair to create volume. hecking stupid

  3. Anonymous says:

    don’t do the middle part, it’s a meme. i wouldn’t even bother with the 90s revival haircut you have going on; grow it longer or get it cut short
    you look like you’re retaining water about the face and have the kind of zoomer screendead expression, so…drink more water, lead healthier lifestyle, get sun, idk what but you look depressed
    the nose ring feels real out of place, like you need either more hebrewelry or less, but this is an awkward level of male facial rings
    you might look better with some more beard, you’ve got kind of an oval face shape going on and the hair curtains aren’t helping the potato shape
    my personal advice: go to the barber and get a short back and sides or high and tight, or even a buzzcut if you’re so inclined. start washing your face religiously with cold water, and drinking an appropriate amount of water per day. shave your face clean, then grow it into a fuller beard if you like. either ditch the earring and nose ring entirely, or get an eyebrow ring
    hope this helps, love from kazakhstan

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