My Heartache

I don't know why but I feel this heartache. When I see children laughing and playing with their parents I envy them so much but also I'm happy for them. It really is a great sight but when I compared them to myself I... I am confused and sad and almost think about suicide but then I just smile. I smile smile for all the bad things that happen to me and the good things that happen to me. I know that it might not be worth it now but later, someday, somewhere it'll be worth it.

It really hurts but I'm scared of it too. You're probably wondering what it is.. it's with couples, family, friends.. it's love. Something I don't have.

  1. 10 years ago

    The love is within. I also have this problem, but when you meet the right guy, he'll want to stick around. Just be yourself, show your vulnerability to someone you like, tell him about your problems. If he leaves, then he's just saving you further heartache. If he stays, he'll be worth it.

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