My First Watch

Hi /fashion/. My first time here, hoping for advice.

I’m looking to buy my first watch, looking for masculine, classic & bold. Clearly a smart watch to the untrained eye.

I’m interested in manufacturer as much as the model, I’m very new to this game and want to be clued up on where I can’t go wrong.

Something that can hold its value well is a plus, if possible at my price range

I generally wear smart casual daily.

My budget is up to £500-£550


22 thoughts on “My First Watch

  1. Anonymous says:

    if you need to ask, you either buy a cheap casio or a rolex, anything in between will be cope
    pick anything from seiko, orient or citizen and you’re good. Don’t think about reselling it later, outside of ultra luxury pieces watches hold no value.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seiko Divers are the only ones that kind of hold resale value if you buy the used.

      This… For your budget this is the way. The Japanese trinity

      Don’t go to the vintage market. You’re a noobie and you will be scammed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to say this once and only once. If you’re wise you’ll listen to me, as I have forgotten more about watches than you will ever know. Are you listening? Buy. A. Rolex. Datejust or Submariner.
    >it’s too expensive!!
    Don’t care.

  3. Sieg Heil says:

    If it’s not a Rolex don’t buy it.

    Nobody gives a shit unless it’s a Rolex, grand seiko are for dweebs, patek is a nig brand now

    Wasting money on stupid shit like hamiltons or orients or some other bullshit is heckery

    I had thousands of dollars in budget watches ($2000 and under) T one point in 2011 was hecking dumb, hecking tudors, hamiltons I had one of each color orient black makos and stupid shit, I had one of those dumb shit Russian watches)

    I could have just bought a date just

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree with a lot pf the things that you wrote, but I am relatively new to the hobby, I own only 5 watches and only 2 of them cost more than 2000$ so I i’m not sure if you’re in the wrong. I just disagree.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah I had the same reaction. But I think just philosophical difference maybe.
        >Nobody cares unless Rolex
        >Had thousands in affordables
        If you want others to recognize your watch you should get Rolex is probably true. Don’t spend many thousands on affordables, also good advice to follow. You should get one watch that equals the sum total cost of many other watches you might buy, maybe or maybe not depending on your financial situation and how many watches. I think OP can start with a 500 watch and then make sensible decisions from there. Like buying vostok radio room as a follow-up purchase.

      • Sieg Heil says:

        You disagree because you’re in the new phase where you buy , you’ll go through a phase of slimming then when you’re finally grown you’ll forget the minute details

  4. Anonymous says:


    Be aware that 500 is 10% of the price of the cheapest Rolex.
    With that kind of money, you have a few good brands: Seiko, Tissot, Longines, Baltic, Frederique Constant…

    That being said, i’d have to know your wrist size and if you’re ok with automatic watches or want a (more reliable and easier to own) quartz.

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