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  1. Anonymous says:

    just google non rbg pc case or workstation pc case is not that hard
    asus ap201
    airflow 4000d
    dont get gamer rbg components

      • Anonymous says:

        you could also get an old pc case an put new hardware into it but temperatures are probably going to suck

        • Sieg says:

          I retro-fit a fractal define R2 to work with modern day components.

          Not hard just use a lathe center drill in a jacobs chuck, then drill slowly and deburr.

          The deburring with a countersink is a life pro tip on making bullshit you made at home look professional

          Cut away the hdd Cage and deburr that to fit a modern day GPU and works okay-ish

          The wire management isn’t great, 20 years ago we started introducing grommets, cutaways and punch outs for zip ties but it’s not like today where a 10 year old kid can tie up wire like he’s a journeyman electrician

          • Anonymous says:

            I use an XL R2. No clue what you’re talking about with all the drilling, deburring and whatnot. You can just *unscrew* the HDD cages, no need to cut them away. It’s not even necessary to remove them to fit modern components, just better for airflow.

            you could also get an old pc case an put new hardware into it but temperatures are probably going to suck

            Look up micro ITX or passive builds, a lot of them intentionally choose energy-efficient components that work with little or no active cooling.

    • Anonymous says:

      Imagine simping for a dead cancerous baldcel who used to dress like a school shooter. Why are Macfags so gay? At least streamer simps are simping for a hot girl. You are literally dick riding some marketer while he kept conning you into buying shiny overpriced piles of trash that are inferior to every other brand in that price range and even lower.

      • Anonymous says:

        >instantly starts schizing
        let me guess, you were too poor in school to afford apple products and were bullied for being a poorfag.
        so now you hold a grudge
        hecking loser

        • Anonymous says:

          If you hate Apple you’re either
          1. Poor
          2. Gamer
          Being either or both is extremely unfashionable

          gaudy logo branding is not /fashion/, you must be a status maxxing subhuman

          • Anonymous says:

            >a little Apple symbol is "gaudy logo branding" but a giant LENOVO or RAM sticks with the company name in bright green letters isn’t

            Their uis are hecking horrible.

            >ugly shit that literally throws ads in your face when you try and open the start menu isn’t horrible UI but mac UI is

            It’s actually insane how brainrotten gaming addicts are that they will genuinely convince themselves this is true to justify their addiction. It’s sooo pathetic cause at least meth addicts can sometimes look skinny and cool and fashionable but gamers just look like the biggest hecking dweebs while also wasting their life

          • Anonymous says:

            >>ugly shit that literally throws ads in your face when you try and open the start menu isn’t horrible UI but mac UI is
            What did he mean by this?

          • Anonymous says:

            It really isn’t. Try changing your port numbers in macmail. They hide literally every setting and the way to do anything more complecated than dragging a file around is never the obvious one. I still remember itunes and how disgusting that software was. I still remember working as hard as I could to burn a cd. I looked for a burn a cd option everywhere under every tab option which doesn’t exist. I had a zune before and there was just a cd at the bottom when you had a disc in the optical drive and you would drag songs onto it and it would show you with a graphic how much space was left on the disk as you did it. On itunes you had to make a playlist and then go to options on the playlist and then find burn to cd and if it was too large for the cd woopsidoopsy it just wont work with no indication. Their uis have always been either so simplified as to be unusable for anything but one use or ugly as heck and a complete mess.

          • Anonymous says:

            funny thing is i also had a zune. and my sister had a zune. so i couldn’t register my hecking zune on the same PC and i had to return it for an ipod
            what are we, like the only two niggas with a zune?

        • Anonymous says:

          I got a mac recently and I honestly don’t know how people use these things. They design the whole UI around exclusively using the mouse, so all the key bindings end up being stupid. Command + down to open a file, are you hecking kidding me? The built in image viewer can’t even browse through a folder, you have to open images one at a time. It’s hecking embarrassing.

          • Anonymous says:

            I’ve used macs for a decade and none of the things you’ve listed are actually real issues. Like, I could give you some tips and your problems would be solved in 5 clicks, but I want you to suffer and maybe sell it to someone with more wit.
            >It’s hecking embarrassing.
            The only thing that’s embarrassing is failing to learn how to use a different OS.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to share this but it’s a prototype of a worse final design in terms of aesthetics by teenage engineering. I love it and wish they had gone with this one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Check them out, they look really good.
    Avoid the ones with glass panel unless you want to show off good color coding and cable management of your hardware.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is my current favorite case
    the hp omen 900. came out in 2017 and cost 599$ but it practically mogs everything
    >shit ton of usb both usb a and usb c
    >blu ray combo disk drive
    >hot swappable bays
    >1300w psu im future proofed for 10 years
    >liquid cooling standard
    >top case pops out to reveal extra screws and tools to work on the case
    >button to open case
    >stylish satanic cube design
    >leds react to audio
    it just can’t be beat
    how did HP of all companies make the best pc case? i thought they only made dogshit

  5. Anonymous says:

    I remember there was this… I think it was an Aerocool. Looked like a 50s round top fridge. Looked cool, to my eye.
    Haven’t managed to find a pic and I have to get to work shortly so I can’t keep looking.
    Not sure when it peaked but cases were beige boxes, then black boxes, then there was a LAN party golden age of crazy cases.
    Now it’s just black boxes with windows.

  6. Anonymous says:



  7. Anonymous says:

    PCs in general have a very hard problem to solve aesthetically, and for some reason they choose to deal with that problem by being as obnoxious and tacky as possible. cases as the most obvious example, but the whole PC desk setup is hard to get right without looking like a gaudy esports streamer or a sterile office worker. good options are few and far between.
    i wish we still incorperated wood into tech like we did in the 70s/80s (picrel). fractal are the only designers ive seen to even try this, but since they’re the one and only option for like-minded users it almost feels cliche to go for at this point, like an eames chair.

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