More importantly, what is love?

I have always been very afraid of loving people...even getting too close to them. The thought of being attached or even having any feelings towards any human being is somewhat frightening, which causes me to keep distance between all of my friends and family.

This is mostly due to the fact that I don't want them to smell the stench of my perspiration. Yes, that's right...I perspire...A LOT! and really its quite disgusting, even for me. I just don't know what to do because as I am growing up and getting ready to enter my first year of university, I want to be able to accept love in all forms.

In my first semester of grade 12, I took a course called "writers craft". One of our assignments was to write a narrative story about something important to us. I wrote about my inability to love. It was a moving story that acted as an explanation for the way I feel, and it opened my eyes to the real issue: my disease, known as philophobia.

I share my story in hopes that I will be able to help other people who are just like me realize that, yes, we do have a problem...and it is more than just overactive sweat glands.

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