35 thoughts on “>moggs every other type of razor

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why do my shit clog all the time i shave, i shave every 2-3 days so its not long and still its ass to clean between passes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >have to shave every single day or I get stubble
    >get a closer dry shave from a shitty dollar shave club razor for the same/less cost
    >but muh grampa used to shave this
    Tradgay muh old stuf beter larpers deserve dog rape

    • Anonymous says:

      Safety razors literally save you money in the long run since blades are dirt cheap, but I bet your zoomzoom brain can’t comprehend that since you need to make one bigger purchase first

    • Anonymous says:

      I shave daily and get less irritation from single blade than a multiblade cartridge.
      I change the blade every two weeks so it just cost me like $10 to shave for the entire year.

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