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  1. Anonymous says:

    Im not going to be acerbic but when i see anyone under 40 wearing these i assume they are literally a little autistic

    • Anonymous says:

      I went to school with some white kids who always wore shoes like this. I later found out they all went to the same Universalist church.

    • Anonymous says:

      MOAB 3, I believe. I love these shoes and wear this when I am not wearing my gym shoes.

      You aren’t wrong, but we aren’t autistic. Just chan posters.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop they/theming you gay tranny. If you’re a man, talking to mostly men, then just talk about men and use ‘he’. There’s no need to include foids and trannies to sound "inclusive". FFS what’s wrong with modern western "men" that they need to be taught such basic things?

        • Anonymous says:

          STFU gay. I know my English. This they/them tranny talk didn’t exist 10 years ago. Nobody said "muh someone" or "muh person" either. If you’re a man, then you just said "some guy", not "someone" and then proceed to use they/them because now you have to worry about "muh gender" and using some "gender neutral pronoun" that isn’t ‘it’.

          • Anonymous says:

            I’m a bigger /pol/tard than you guaranteed and even to me it’s embarrassing just how rent free trannies live in your brain, this has nothing to do with them you mongoloid

          • Anonymous says:

            Then you’re a hecking stupid (or a zoomer gay) who fell for the psyop. Nobody talked like that even 5-10 years ago. No man they/them-ed like a gay soiboi. The default pronoun was he, especially if you’re a man. As a man, you always talked about other men in hypothetical instances. And if you were feeling a bit "inclusive" (of women, not trannies) and didn’t want to sound like a "sexist" and patriarchal, then you said he/she, or interchanged between he and she when talking about hypothetical people in examples, but never "they". Hell, even until recently SJWs and trannies were inventing 200 different pronouns for themselves. They weren’t they/theming. But when they finally realized that using 269 pronouns is stupid, they decided to settle on they/them.

          • Anonymous says:

            Hey im the op and i am an acolyte of hitler. I hate Black folk and trannies. If you cant deal with verbiage that i used while making a post in the elevator, you need to go on a camping trip or eat a hit of acid.

          • Anonymous says:

            gay zoomers who can’t even write a coherent paragraph trying to teach me basic English. And it’s not about the trannies, you morons. It’s about the degenerates that control even the trannies and are trying to destroy language, the identity and role of men and women, and get everyone into the habit of dehumanizing each other, rather than seeing the other person as a man or a woman and the implications of it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree hiking shoes are very comfortable EXCEPT when hiking on a trail that isn’t literally paved or a dirt path. If you have to walk up a gravelly hill, you’re in danger of rolling your ankle bad. I’d wear at least a mid rise boot for serious hiking, you think you don’t need ankle support until you heck your ankle and there goes any hiking for at least 6 months, along with barely being able to walk. Get actual boots.

    • Anonymous says:

      eh, man its debatable, i don’t think there is a clear blanket answer to that. ankle support can do wonders to stop smaller and moderate ankle rolls but it can worsen the severity of bad ankle rolls. most hiking boots also aren’t really as supportive as people online think, some models are actually pretty good but a lot of popular ones on the market the shaft bends easily and might force your ankle to bend at a worse spot.
      i think it kind of depends on your size/weight, age, if you’ve had injuries before, your walking posture in general & stuff like that, which one’s the best for you. and also where you’re hiking. i’ve taken my runners pretty gnarly places all over the cascades but they’re not fun times around swamps for instance.


      Is the mid version good enough?

      mid boots provide no meaningful ankle support. you get more protectiveness than a shoe though.


      I got a pair of these because of word of mouth, on LULZ. heckers cut the back of my feet. Not abrasion – like an actual straight cut across the back of my feet.
      Like this pic.

      common projects did that to me (multiple pairs)

    • Anonymous says:

      Excuse me dumb moron, experienced hikers don’t have a problem with this, our ankles are strong af. we go for lightweight and cheap because we blow through shoes every 4 months. Merrell moab is based king of cheap low rise.
      >inb4 some gay cope you spent 20min crafting
      Go get a triple crown before you come at me gay

    • Anonymous says:

      Braindead take. Ankle support is a meme. If your foot rolls laterally, and your ankle can’t flex, say goodbye to your knee ligaments. This is exactly why true hi tops went extinct in the NBA. A wide midsole and solid heel counter will do more for stability than anything else.

      • Anonymous says:

        >If your foot rolls laterally, and your ankle can’t flex, say goodbye to your knee ligaments.
        >A wide midsole and solid heel counter will do more for stability than anything else.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I got a pair of these because of word of mouth, on LULZ. heckers cut the back of my feet. Not abrasion – like an actual straight cut across the back of my feet.
    Like this pic.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeh, id say they run narrow, I wear 2e in NB also, Merrel do a few versions of their shoes in a wide fit which fit me ok, the moab being one of them.

    • Anonymous says:

      If I recall correctly I went up a half-size on moabs than what I usually get and they still kind of fit funny.
      Try them on in person, m8. Pretty big brand – should be able to find somewhere.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I loved merrell as a teen since they were comfy as heck and I didn’t give a shit about aesthetics. I haven’t worn a pair in more than a decade, last time I checked I heard the quality has gone to shit though.

  5. Anonymous says:

    For "budget" hiking shit they move product like nobodies business. The main appeal from my understanding is comfort, look kinda dorky though. Salomon is known for high quality sports gear so I’d like to pick up a nice boot from them on sale. I don’t think that Patagonia trip my dad wanted do will happen with him but I’d still appreciate some proper nice foootwear for the local mountains here.

    • Anonymous says:

      These are the defacto glowie software engineer ‘winter’ shoe. during the summer they all wear keens or tevas with socks.

      this is what they wear when they have an important meeting

      weirdly glowiecore thread

        • Anonymous says:

          lots of glowies do software. this guide is mostly for contractors who are only glowies ostensibly (technically their ‘customer’ is a glowie) but they have clearance and do the actual glowwork. anyway theyre very poorly dressed

      • Anonymous says:

        Lol. Not software engineer but network engineer the dark ones are my winter shoes.
        Like the slip on and decent soles for snowy weather.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i made a glowiecore guide since im bored. they all dress like this regardless of gender except for the mormons who dress like… mormons

  7. Anonymous says:

    I live in interior Alaska and wear Merrells when the weather is shit or there’s snow and ice on the ground. I went through a lot of different leather boots and they would get all hecked up after a few months while my Merrells last a few years at a time.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I tried these ones a while ago and found the sole unsupported and with zero bounce, thought they had a bit more quality but felt kinda cheap

    I ended up with some trail NBs which I found less flashy but a lot more functional

  9. Anonymous says:

    They are my summer hiking shoes
    Which brings me to a dilemma I’m facing – I’m going to London soon, where I won’t be hiking, and then to Switzerland straight from there, where I will be hiking. I only have enough space for one pair of shoes. Do I take my Moabs and look like a dork in London, or do I wear anything else and then potentially ruin my hiking in Switzerland (Iwill have access to my old and torn up pair of hiking boots there)

    • Anonymous says:

      this one you can get away with depending on what else you’re wearing
      Keanu’s boots in picrel, while not the same, look similar, but the rest of the outfit is fine and it doesn’t look autistic together

      this, on the other hand, is certified mental ward autism regardless of what you do

  10. Anonymous says:

    I got these in the zebra print for my first semi barefoot shoe. Perfect for weightlifting I don’t even really take em hiking. I think they make me look cool.

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