MEN'S FASHION PSA: You are not Eren Yaeger.

I keep seeing people posting "How do I wear <something from some media they consumed> unironically?".


I am here to spare you some trouble.

You can’t wear that thing unironically.

It only works in that thing’s universe on that thing’s character.

You’re not Drive.

You are not Patrick Bateman.

You are not The Dude.

You are not Eren Yaeger.

You are NOT anime!

So stop asking.

And if you don’t take my advice and still decide to try and pull it off, it’s just going to make it look like you don’t have any strong male influences in your life and you’re getting your ideas of manhood from the media you consume because your dad isn’t around or isn’t doing his job.

Notice I said male and dad, because it’s only men who have this problem.

Women don’t do this cringe crap.

So, just stop it before you embarrass yourself.

This has been a fashion public service announcement.


27 thoughts on “MEN'S FASHION PSA: You are not Eren Yaeger.

    • Vieo says:

      >anger at the truth

      I know.

      It hits hard because it’s true.

      But I’m only trying to stop you from looking cringe in public.


      I’m not a guy.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t watch anime, and I actually agree with your thesis to some degree since most people (you) can’t pull it off. But media of all sorts including popular films can be great insperation for fashion. This a stupid af thread, and you’re an obnoxious cunt.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Knew a guy who started wearing wis watch on the inside of his wrist cuz Alain Delon did in a movie.
    Didn’t have the heart to tell him that wasn’t enough to make him look like Alain :,(

    • Vieo says:

      >You’re not Drive.
      >You are not Patrick Bateman.
      I literally am.

      NO, you are not.

      Get some real male role models.

      Fictional characters aren’t real.

  2. Cecelia Drakensang In Seattle says:

    >Women don’t do this cringe crap.

    When a celeb wears a certain piece, from clothing to a handbag, women are the biggest consumers for copying it. The similar style dresses sell out in minutes.

    You also see articles like:

    >how to get the look and style of (female celeb)

    And women are the biggest followers of "get this style that’s in this Summer"

    They are the biggest "fast fashion" consumers.

    No men see a celeb at an awards show and go out and try to imitate his outfit.

    Men copy movie fits because they can deeply connect and identify with characters, women can’t do this and are more more surface and superficial. They want the "look" of a celeb, men who follow movie fits do not simply want the look, they connect with the mindset, world vision and settings.


    Lol figures it wound be this chud.

    • Anonymous says:

      >women can’t do this and are more more surface and superficial
      It’s weird, I used to know girls who could, but they’ve all evaporated in recent years. I’ve been in the cosplay scene for more than 20 years now and pre-2010 or so I knew a lot of girls who cosplayed things that were relatively unpopular and not particularly flattering just because they really liked the character, but I pretty much never see that anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      >men who follow ~~*movie*~~ fits do not simply want the look, they connect with the mindset, world vision and settings.
      This is even more pathetic and NPCcore. If you insist on copying someone it SHOULD just be kept fun and on a superficial level. Stay centered and true to yourself.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wearing clothes from anime/cartoons/movies with unrealistic settings or premises is definitely autistic yeah. But if you struggle with how to dress, it’s not such a bad thing to get outfit ideas from media about normal people.

    Picrel: shows like "New Girl" are completely based in reality with very few wild concepts in terms of setting or storyline, and accordingly the characters dress generally very well. Barring some of the more blatantly 90s pieces of clothing, Jerry also dresses pretty well and acceptably in "Seinfeld."

    The problem is that there are very few sources of information for men regarding how to dress. Dressing like your dad is either gonna make you look lame and bland or it’s gonna make you look anachronistic and… like a dad. Ads can help, but completely stealing a look from a catalogue is a good way to be accused of stealing your look from a catalogue. And don’t get me started on letting women dress you; my ex unironically had me, a 230 lb 6’3" man who works out, wearing skinny jeans.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Someone post that screencap by the lonely anon who said he started mimicking and dressing like the character in Drive and turned his life around.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Movies influencing fashion has been a thing since the very invention of cinema. To deny its impact is to deny a huge chunk of fashion history and workings. Shows how much you know.

    And for the unaware, this thread was made by a dude that started taking estrogen until he half-trannied himself to cope with his balding and because he overheard a a girl at his job saying she was into feminine men, which makes him not only a tranny, but a creepy stalker.

    Also consistently has the worst takes on fashion in this board.

    Just in case there

  6. Anonymous says:

    >he thinks he is patrick bateman
    >doesn’t even kill people in alleyways
    >doesn’t shit themselves at seeing a different colour tone of paper

    • Anonymous says:

      Shit, it got deleted on wrong captcha
      Meant to say, mostly wrong, there is a right way to copy characters from media. The way is to make it wayyy too subtle so that even the most hardcore fan can’t tell that the outfit is anime/movie inspired. Obviously you don’t want to wear a scorpion jacket or a scouts jacket, but stealing fitted t shirts, henleys, overcoats and skinny jeans is fine

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