Manuel Cross Chypre Noir For American Perfumer 1/75 limited edition signed bottles

Anyone else sign up for this? Anyone get selected? Would you blind buy?
Indeed, Manuel Cross Chypre Noir For American Perfumer possesses a beautiful bone structure, and a lineage which is readily traceable to the greats of yore: vintage Cabochard de Gres, created by Bernard Chant in 1959 (musks, leather, oakmoss), and Germaine Cellier’s vintage Balmain Jolie Madame, 1953 (artemisia, tuberose, musk, oakmoss, leather). Both fragrances are growlingly animalic – but they utilize civet and/or castoreum in the process, whereas Manuel has chosen costus root – a potent vegetal musk which smells divinely of the unwashed scalp of the beloved. Once you become acquainted with costus, you will always remember it; it imparts an additional leatheriness that we associate with other musks, and it can help anchor a scent – so it performs double duty in Chypre Noir. Indolic, enchanting tuberose maintains its lustre here, never fading into the background (in the afore-mentioned leather chypres, one finds jasmine, ylang-ylang, and gardenia instead). Bitter herbs enhance its sophistication without the use of galbanum; while not listed, artemisia comes to mind immediately. Musk ketone is sweetly fatty and persistent, contributing a rondeur which is so appealingly reminiscent of great chypres; it feels as if the perfumer has not stinted on the oakmoss, either – always such a delight: earthy, shadowy, and rich.

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  1. Anonymous says:

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