24 thoughts on “Makeover

        • Anonymous says:

          Doesn’t surprise me at all, with how popular tattoos got with indecisive young women in the last couple of years. Most of them will want their clichéd tattoos off once the fad passes

      • future wife says:

        you seem to think the police catch every murderer. they don’t. you seem to think random murders are caught. they are only for dumbasses who don’t understand information security and traceability.
        truly random murders are however not beneficial to the killer besides sick kicks or whatnot, idk i’m not a killer, and happen rarely for that reason.
        most murders are committed by someone you know. these are typically the ones that get caught or make the perpetrator an outlaw that has to flee.

        killing some nazi is beneficial to me (and almost everyone lol) and i don’t have a connection to him.

  1. Anonymous says:

    you know, women are such automatons that having face tattoos, even like this, probably isn’t a minus.

    I’d probably just get him a hair tp and then veneers. With the rest I’d just buy coke.

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