Looking for a cheaper non-battery powered quality watch.

Something under $1000 dollars that is either mechanical or automatic and could last a lifetime. I do not not need fancy gemstones or expensive metals. I want something that looks decent and tells the time accurately and can use for the rest of my life. I heard swiss watches are high quality and have a great reputation so I prefer something swiss but anywhere else from the world is fine if it is high quality.
Thank you for your help in advance.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nothing lasts a lifetime but a quartz diver with a common ordinary silver oxide battery is your best bet for a "forever watch" (sic)

    Autos are fragile and will require hundreds of dollars and several weeks downtime to maintain. Solars and other meme watches are great until they’re not. And divers are the best because their case design optimizes keeping out the bad stuff, so when you’re 10 years in without any effort at maintenance it will still do a pretty decent job of staying dry on the inside even if the gaskets are hecked.

    I’d look at a Longines Hydroconquest quartz in that price range. You could do better in terms of accuracy but it’s accurate enough and it satisfies all the other criteria.

    • Anonymous says:

      Battery powered watches are for gays. I personaly have a strong dislike for quartz watches and If I would buy a battery powered watch It would be nothing other than a digital Casio. Batteries only belong in digital watches not analog. My grandpa had a similar watch to pic rel, it is cheap Soviet shit that still works decently after 70+ years. He also had a Soviet pocket watch that still works as if it is new after 50+ years. I admit they had to be repaired but it only costed few dollars each.

      • Anonymous says:

        Your grandpa’s watch sucks and if your budget is $1000 you can’t afford a mechanical watch worth servicing. $1000 is deep in the uncanny valley of mediocre watches with slightly better finishing. Keep it under $400 or save until you can afford to spend at least $3k

        • Anonymous says:

          I could settle with a digital Casio until I have enough saved but I doubt there isn’t a quality watch I am looking for under $1000 if decades old soviet watches are still working (which probably costed less than few hundred bux adjusted to inflation). What watch would you recommend over $3k?

          • Anonymous says:

            If your standard is just "it still runs" then you don’t need to spend much at all, a common 4R35 or SW200 would probably do better than your novelty lenin watch (which was probably in a drawer most of that time anyway)

            Anyway the short answer is you want a Planet Ocean. Better than average WR and the movement will be much more tolerant of never getting serviced, ever. Of course a more reasonable person would just buy a new $400 watch every 10 years and throw out the old one and they’d still come out ahead if they did this until they died

        • Anonymous says:

          >le 1k budget service cope
          moron watch tools are cheap and if you buy something nh-35 powered they literally cost 50 dollars to replace the entire movement.

    • Anonymous says:

      Battery watches takes too much effort, thats the only reason no one wears Daniel wellington watches anymore.
      Search used watches on Facebook market place, they’re all battery powered watches left in drawers bc they ran out of power.

      Common folk doesnt know how to change the batteri and why pay ~40euros for a battery chance in a 200euro watch, its not sustainable.

      My step granddad gave me a vintage mechanical swiss watch from the mid 60’s still runs perfectly (he’s a watch mechanic tho)

  2. Anonymous says:

    $1000 is kind of a weird price for watches if you want mechanical. Look for something with a sw200 or the eta equivalent those are the good movements you’ll see for that price. I would save up a little more and get a monta or formex depending on your style or you could go cheaper and get a Baltic or you could go way cheaper and get an orient bambino that might be a good move because yes it’s a crappy movement and the watch is so cheap it’s not worth servicing but it looks good and will get you used to owning a mechanical watch and you will learn what you do and don’t want on a watch for when you get a nicer one

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here’s some insight these reddit gays won’t tell you: every supposedly "swiss" watch below the cheapest rolex and jlc is either wholly or mostly made in china. The loose anus swiss laws allow for this.
    So don’t get hung up on
    >muh swiss made quality
    because it’s an ancient marketing con to fool mall roving boomers.
    You’re not getting swiss made until rolex and beyond.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So, if you want a "one and done" tough watch, I’d recommend just getting a Vostok Amphibia. If you don’t believe me first, here’s some long term reviews:
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz4qVwDWflM
    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYFt3i3CKuQ
    I chose those reviews because these aren’t EDC larpers, there both two actual people who are outdoors. Here’s some more explanation of why:
    1. Go to "Modstock.com" if you want the resource to understand how comptabile parts are. You have both the SKX-old parts to mod onto and Vostok parts that you can use.
    2. They have a "compressor" style case so your not just relying on gaskets for your water resisitance, it’s got that case design (that said, change your hecking gaskets)
    3. Movements such as the Vostok 2416 you can buy in full for 40-50 euros. So, even if your watch breaks, you have the equivlant of an engine backup for no costs.
    4. For buying watches, Mernamon still works. If you want to still buy a Vostok, there’s actually stock in Germany on Poljot24 and Poljot Uhren. The most wearable of Vostok watches (in my opinion) is the 420 cases (atlhough with Vostoks, they are a little thick).

    So buy a Vostok if you want that long lasting watch you can take anywhere, mod to your liking and still look somewhat acceptable to wear. Pic related

    • Anonymous says:

      Have to disagree. I have disassembled several Vostok 24XX watches, the vintage ones are awesome in terms of durability and robustness, but the newer ones have a lower quality control than commie quantity-over-quality series. If you buy a modern one, expect at least two warranty returns before getting a proper watch. The mainspring tends to break quite a lot on modern production ones, the anchor/escape wheel also tend to be assembled very poorly, causing the watch to sometimes stop due to imprecisely manufactured and installed pallets for the particular escape wheel.
      With regular maintenance, a 60s-80s Vostok Komandirskie/Amphibia/Generalskie is practically immortal though.

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