Living room ideas?

Been renewing my floor, bought new TV, couch, table, everything more in kinda basement/old vibe with wood. Need to still improve some cable managment there… But I kinda like. Still it feels like something is missing. Rug? Plant in the corner next to TV?

Any suggestion? I was thinking of adding a rug under the small table and couch, but not sure.

Thank you very much,

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You look like you have no hobbies or pastime other than working or eeking out bits of social connection with other people.

    • Anonymous says:

      >You look like you have no hobbies
      every living room during the past 100 years has been build around the TV
      there are no hobbies in there, just pure consoomerism
      and even before that, they were simply for flexing on your wealth
      at most you could find a piano, which could count as a hobby

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just give it some time. I don’t think a space can be fully decorated overnight, not without making some mistakes you’ll regret later. Over a year, you’ll get some things, grow to hate them, get rid of them and replace them… on and on. Until finally you get a space that’s really lived in.

    What type of style do you envision having? A rug is obviously needed, but there are many types, and not something you want to cheap out on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Get a warm-light standing lamp. Put it in the corner next to the tv. Turn that obnoxious ceiling light off. Maybe the light looks worse on camera irl but better lighting would elevate the room a ton already.

    • Anonymous says:

      The room has 2 ceiling lights, its pretty bright if one or both are turned off. But mostly when watching TV they are off, as the TV has ambient light all over the wall.
      Was thinking about standing lamp but not sure how much would I use it, considering i wouldnt turn it on when the tv is running. What do you think?

      • Anonymous says:

        Get a standing lamp and just never turn the ceiling lamps on again, except when you’re cleaning or looking for something

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t want to shit on it because i feel like you put efforts into it but the lack of windows and the rosary make it look grim.
    Also, too many different textures and different kinds of woods, looks like a home depot when they try to show samples of what they sell.
    I’d unironically prefer white walls and concrete floor, because what you do is the opposite of authenticity, you might as well go overboard and pretend it’s ironic and buy a "live laught love" sign, a singing fish, darts, a poster of new york…

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok, if i had to do with that room, i’d make it a 100% entertainment room:
        -move the big table somewhere else.
        -get a shaggy rug and a club chair
        -remove the "Africa meets Jesus" wall decor
        -work on the lights, maybe red ceiling border lights, a pub sign, or something
        -bring in the entertainment, consoles, a flipper…

      • Anonymous says:

        Nah, that’s cool, when I look at your room it reminds me of a mature personality that anticipates every situation in the living room. It looks good very modern

      • Anonymous says:

        view toward the back

        Thoughts on my concept?

        you live in basements? why don’t you open a window?
        looks grim /b/tard basement dweller tier

        • Anonymous says:

          you make do with what you have.
          having a lofty apartment doesn’t make you any better at filling it with warmth, comfort and beauty.

          I wish I had some big windows though.

  5. Anonymous says:

    you need plants, a lamp or two, some rugs for the floor and maybe even a couple on the wall.

    go for burgundy/saffron/forest green/dark teal for an accent against that brown.

    • Anonymous says:

      also, counter the subterranean feel by bringing more nature into the space.
      rocks, driftwood, dried flowers.

      adding a mirror over your sofa would also open up the space a bit.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Me personally I like your set up beacause there’s not a lot of sh$t! Maybe a few colored bulbs spread out the space for the dim light occasions like drinking with the ole buddies or taking massive bong rips once in a blue moon

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ok I need your help boys. What can I do to make my living room less sad male living space? It doesn’t even feel like I have a „real apartment“ if you understand what I mean.

    Swap the position of the sofa and tv? Floating shelves? Is it viable to put a massive bookcase on that wall? New L shaped sofa? What can I put next to the tv so it looks less awkward? Should I get stereo speakers for tv and turn my tv into a shrine? Art ideas?

    • Anonymous says:

      start with function, anon.

      you have a pile of books, where’s your bookshelf/shelves?
      you have a big ass window, some curtains would be better than those ugly venetians.

      you need rug on that cold ass floor.
      your uke needs a wall stand, so it can be art when you’re not playing it.

      a plant stand in every corner of that box.

      try to factor beauty into the things you buy.

      nothing in this room looks like you bought it because it looks nice.

    • Anonymous says:

      do you have any used furniture stores in your town?
      start haunting these places.
      same with estate sales, craiglist etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing, it’s perfect. You don’t need any other junk to satisfy another person’s "gaze". The less clutter you have the better. Maybe even get rid of the books you no longer read, so you don’t need a bookshelf. Think about who the artwork is for if you decide to put something up – yourself or other people? Hanging something on the wall just to fill space is meaningless.

      I would personally turn that space into a workout area with a hifi setup. Maybe add a green plant.

    • Anonymous says:

      >What can I do to make my living room less sad

      Get some kentias or arecas on both sides of the sofa.

      Get a wide knee-high table. The easiest way is to buy a normal white table and cut its legs.

      Bin the books and the TV. Get a huge pc display on the abovementioned table.

    • Anonymous says:

      You created a space where 1or 2 people can watch tv uncomfortably (nothing to put your feet on even) and 1 depressive kid can sit on a wooden stool and play guitar.

      If you want to make it an actual living space, you need:
      -at last one comfy chair (ottoman chair) where someone can sit opposite and talk to the people on the couch
      -a larger table where you can put drinks, a pizza and so on.

      Only after this you should think about the rug, art, bookcase, plants, music system…

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s nice as is tbh. Also, do NOT take suggestions for what "art" to hang up. It’s ridiculous. Eventually, you’ll come across a piece you like enough to think "Boy, I’d love to see that on the wall every morning". Until then, I’d avoid it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    >Any suggestion

    Only use light colors in a small room.

    Never use warm colors in a small room.

    Never use permanent colors other than white, grey, black. Other colors should be brought in with the accessories.

  9. Anonymous says:

    put that coffee table in the corner next to the TV, put a table lamp on it and use that as your primary lighting source part 9pm. You NEED a large rug, place it in the main living area where the front legs of your couch sit on top of it, which will create separation from the lounging area and the dining area. Get an ottoman/footstool for the centre of the lounge to put your feet on, and a cheap tray to rest on top of it for drinks, like a pseudo coffee table. A few larger scale paintings or framed posters behind the couch. Otherwise good start for a basement dwelling 20yo, if you’re older than this then hurry up a bit. Also get some scatter cushions/pillows for your couch. I don’t know amerigay dimensions but 50cm square is the perfect size. Spend enough on those to get feather inserts, it’s an interior decorator trick, makes everything else look more expensive from the texture they add.

    • Anonymous says:

      view toward the front

      view toward the left

      view from the throne

      Nice room anon, I like it

      • Anonymous says:

        thank you.
        still need to find a big comfy couch, then I want to start looking into keeping some reptiles, something basement friendly.

        it’s all coming together.

  10. Anonymous says:

    What are some things that I could do or buy to improve this room?

    I just moved here a few months ago. This place is crap. I didn’t get a chance to tour the place before I signed the lease.
    Since I’m definitely not going to renew the lease there’s no sense in adding any more "large" furniture.

    • Anonymous says:

      buy a sideboard and put it against the wall to the left of the photo, put some display items on top, framed photos etc. Standing lamp in the corner of the room in the left of image, or a table lamp on top of the sideboard. On the other side of the room, a hallway table against the wall, again with display items, storage inside etc. Put something on your walls too, for God’s sake. Large paintings from 2nd hand shops, or if you’re under 25 you could get away with a framed poster. Pop culture poster if you’d like to only heck nerds with no taste. Or buy some art, doesn’t have to be the best art but there’s gotta be something to look at other than a blank wall. Get a pot plant. An area rug will completely change the place, they’re as expensive as you wanna spend. Go as classic as you can with the rug. Vintage if you have balls.

      • Anonymous says:

        >hallway table
        >area rug
        I consider these as "large" furniture items.
        They’re definite additions for my next place (my lease is up in half a year).
        >if you’re under 25 you could get away with a framed poster
        I’m 23. I’ll look around town today for something that’d fit the place.

        kentias, arecas

        Plants. Got it.

        • Anonymous says:

          I understand, they definitely would feel like "large" items/purchases if you’re only 23. IMO they’re things you hang on to for a long time so worth grabbing a good one and hanging onto it through the next 5 places you live. I don’t know where you’re located but if you have access to cheap 2nd hand items where you live, go hunt for a few bits. You’ll be hard pressed to fill out a temporary space with small items.

          I’ve decorated rooms in houses I’ve lived for a total of a year, not just to make the place feel better for the time I’m there, but to figure out my taste in furniture/decor. 2nd hand items can be moved on just as easily as you bought em. I’ve had many different dining tables, chairs, rugs, walls full of pictures I don’t have any more.

          • Anonymous says:

            I just meant physically large. The more shit I have – the longer it takes to load and unload a uhaul.
            Again, since I’m moving in half a year I think it’s best to wait a bit so I can get furniture that a best fit for my next place.

          • Anonymous says:

            If you think that 6 months of slightly better living conditions is not worth the 5 minutes of additional time to load a U-Haul then you are too autistic to be helped. Just tack a poster of an anime girl to the wall and have a collection of bottles and cans in the corner like every other stupid your age.
            "I need assistance"
            "do X, or Y"

          • Anonymous says:

            I’ve become bit autistic about moving. It’ll be my 6th time in the past 6 years. The entire process is the bane of my existence.
            It’s closer to 15-30m a piece and that adds up when you have 8-10 of such items.

            I’m not resisting your suggestions. So far I’m planning to get some wall art, plants and either a end table + lamp or a standing lamp.

            brother, buy furniture that is timeless, so that it fits well in every place. houses are temporary, but your own sense of style is not. a rug could last you many years, it’s not necessarily about fitting the place you’re in. there’s many YouTubers who do interior decorating, worth looking into some

            I don’t know how I feel about rugs over carpet.
            In general though I agree with you. Just haven’t had the luxury of time in being able to accumulate timeless pieces.

          • Anonymous says:

            rugs on carpet is a hell of a lot easier to deal with than rugs on hardwood, since you don’t have to worry about buying rug liners or risking the rug slipping and sliding around.

          • Anonymous says:

            brother, buy furniture that is timeless, so that it fits well in every place. houses are temporary, but your own sense of style is not. a rug could last you many years, it’s not necessarily about fitting the place you’re in. there’s many YouTubers who do interior decorating, worth looking into some

  11. Anonymous says:

    At first glance, to immediately improve the atmosphere, get some floor lamps with warm temperature bulbs. Overhead lighting will always make a room feel sterile and lifeless.

    I’d paint the wooden panels under the bricks into a different color. Maybe white or a cream color.

    I’m not sure if you can, but i’d move the tv more to the right so the person sitting closest to the tv isn’t looking right at the edge of the screen

    A rug is also a must to add some contrasting texture. But don’t get those vibrant kaleidoscope colored ones. A simple one will do.

    I’d remove the wall art you have and have nothing on brick, but place other stuff in the other walls (if they’re non-brick)

    Add some color. Everything is on the darker color of brown and black. I’m not sure if it’s in your budget to replace anything or add decorative items, but add some lighter-colored items. Light browns, beige, etc. Too much dark colors makes the room feel lifeless.

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