10 times Facebook censored conservatives Facebook routinely shuts down pages and blocks users simply for stating right-of-center opinions.

Facebook has finished their own internal investigation into censoring conservatives in their trending section, and surprise, they’ve found no evidence of overt bias. Still, in the wake of a very rough week and tough questions from a U.S. senator, Facebook has now agreed to revamp that section in order to prevent any “unintentional bias.”

But what about intentional bias? Whatever’s going on in that boiler room where miserable editors toil over the trending topics, we do know that Facebook routinely shuts down pages and blocks users simply for stating right-of-center opinions.

Here are 10 of our favorite examples:

Lauren Southern suspended over criticizing censorship

Conservative activist and Trump supporter Lauren Southern received a 30-day ban from Facebook just because she complained about a friend’s account being censored. Censorship inception, if you will.

Facebook later removed the block, calling it an error, but only after the conservatives on Twitter and in the media made a stink about it.

Admin of pro-Trump group banned for saying Trump is not anti-Muslim, but anti-ISIS

Whether or not you agree with the opinion is not the point. The admin of an alt-right, Trump-supporting group was banned from Facebook and the post below was removed.

Facebook locked this kid’s account for posting a video supporting Rudy Giuliani’s criticisms of Obama

They called his post “suspicious activity.”

Facebook approved Christian hate groups while shutting down Christian groups

In 2013, somehow a group called “Jesus F**k**g Christ. Sl*t Mary’s B*st*rd” was able to get past Facebook’s censors for a time, as well as groups called “Christianity is a Plague Begging for a Cure” and “Virgin Mary should have Aborted”.

But at the same time, the group for Kirk Cameron’s movie, Unstoppable, did not fare as well and was shut down without explanation by Facebook. Only after rallying 500,000 fans to complain to Facebook was Cameron able to reinstate the page.

Facebook has also since banned the Christian hate groups.

Facebook shut down a large biker group for one conspiracy post

The group “2 Million Bikers to DC” had about 450,000 followers organized in protest of the 2013 “Million Muslim March” in Washington, D.C.

Whether or not the group was anti-Muslim, the post that got them kicked off Facebook was inane and borderline nonsensical.

Facebook removed a photoshopped picture of the Obamas wearing Che Guevara t-shirts

The conservative page “Wake Up America!” posted this Photoshopped picture of the Obamas only to have it removed by Facebook. The site also temporarily took down the page for posting “offensive” content.

Canadians censored for criticizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to refugee shooting

Conservative censorship on Facebook isn’t just an American thing. The page “Justin Trudeau Not” posted a meme criticizing the prime minister for being outraged that a refugee was pepper-sprayed and not when a refugee was responsible for a shooting.

Facebook removed the post and threatened the page’s admins that they would be removed from the site if they posted similar content.

“Chicks on the Right” was blocked and threatened with a shutdown by Facebook

The popular community page of the site “Chicks on the Right” had a post censored that simply said: “Jay Carney can kiss my assular area,” followed by a link.

Facebook then threatened to shut down the page unless the owners combed through their content to remove all material that was not in compliance with Facebook’s impossible-to-comprehend community standards.

Facebook later apologized after Fox News reported the story.

10. Facebook removed a patriotic picture honoring fallen Marines

Facebook removed a page called “Locked and Loaded,” and blocked the admins, citing a post entitled “Remembrance” as violating their community standards. Only problem is the post is clearly just a memorial for Marines who died in war. Absolutely not controversial.

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