Let's talk about socks.

Let’s talk about socks. You may have nice boots, maybe even Vibergs, you may have a weather resistant jacket, something Barbour or Filson, you might even have a really nice Cardigan and Sweater, cool pants, but do you even sock?
Most of my socks are assorted, mismatched and if not worn out and beyond and full of holes then certainly not warm. I always have cold feet, literally, because of this.

Filson socks cost 50 bucks a pair and they’re almost always sold out. They’re really nice, but if you need three to four pairs to get you through winter, then spending 200-250 bucks on socks is a big ask.
What are some alternatives?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ive never tried Filson socks so i dont know how to compare. REI’s merino socks are pretty nice though. Been wearing the same pair to work for a couple months and no holes yet. The wool percentage is higher than Darn Tough. The "lightweight" one is still fairly thick and warm, good for a moderate climate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ifferent anon, but what about the opposite? I live in a hot ass climate and just need socks for for loafers/low sneakers because I hate the sockless look

    Darn tough looks heavy and More hiking/work focuses

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