Left and right hate trolls and MLM marketers, disagree on everything else

It seems like there isn't anything that the political left and right can agree on any more. But according to a survey done by WhoIsHostingThis, there is one thing they do agree on: trolls are the most annoying people on the internet.

When asked to pick the five most annoying people online, a majority -- roughly 53% -- picked trolls. And with that, we can all march into the sunset singing Kumbaya. Or we could if it weren't for the other 47% of the people who probably are the internet trolls -- based on our non-scientific estimate that there just seem to be a lot of trolls on the internet.

After all, trolls are everyone who disagrees with the inflammatory refreshing and unfiltered insights you post on Twitter after a few drinks. Who could in clear conscience hate adepts like Nick Ciarelli, the amusing actual troll who claimed to be the Communications Intern for Michael Bloomberg's campaign? (Less than amusing to Bloomberg's couple dozen (paid) supporters, of course.)


Another point of agreement between the left and the right was multilevel marketers. These were picked by 40% of liberals and 45% of conservatives to be in their top 5 most annoying people on the internet.

People must have lost their desire for essential oils and anti-wrinkle cream.


Not very bipartisan at all

Mostly, however, WIHT's survey of over 1,000 people found that liberals and conservatives don't agree on very much.

For example, 35% of conservatives picked feminists as one of their top 5 most annoying online groups. Only 2% of liberals said the same thing (and those who did said it very quietly, of course).


Meanwhile, liberals find anti-vaxxers substantially more annoying than conservatives, despite being more closely identified with the cause. Maybe it's because they have to listen to them more than conservatives?


Another difference is that "outspoken liberals" are the second most annoying people as far as conservatives are concerned, with a slight majority of 51% honoring them with the title.

But "outspoken conservatives" didn't even make the top 5 for liberals. If I may theorize, it's probably because liberals are not necessarily subjected to them as much as the other way around -- beyond Trump's tweets, of course, around which the entire news cycle revolves. The survey also reveals that liberals are also somewhat annoyed with outspoken members in their own group, with over 12% finding them to be a pest.

What's not worth arguing about?

There was also disagreement about what was worth fighting about. Politics, for example, was the number two topic most worth talking about. It was also the number two topic most annoying or futile to talk about. Why do we do this to ourselves?

People also both do and don't want to argue about: gun control, vaccination, abortion, race, religion, gay marriage rights, sex/gender, and, of course, conspiracy theories.

Most people agreed that discussing whether the Earth is flat is not a very enriching experience -- coming in at the 4th most annoying subject. Yet a full 4% of the people surveyed had gotten into a fight about it. A staggering 27% also reported having gotten into online fights over politics. With over 4,5 billion members of our species now having access to the internet according to Internet World Stats, that's a lot of wasted manhours and brain power.

You wouldn't think climate change was something people could agree on. And you'd be right. But it was the number one subject worth talking about according to the survey. The topic was also conspicuously absent from the list of annoying subjects.


When you get specific, people on the left and the right disagree about most things. Agreement is only found on the very fundamental issues. That is to say, no one really likes people who disagree with them online. Trolls, I tell you.

And no one really wants to hear about the latest breakthrough in multi-level hair-loss prevention or skincare schemes.

That's some solace in these contentious times.

  1. 3 years ago

    The top 5 arguments in the worthy section are all troll-based anyways; at the same time, babby L-R paradigm PCs fail to understand the strings that mold and control them anyways.

    • 3 years ago

      > left/right paradigm is false I have big brain

      It's more delineated than ever no matter what they're historically associated with.

      • 3 years ago

        >b-b-but muh minifactions

        Now, understandably within history pre-1960 they have been different and even highly varied; unfortunately for you, those days are gone and over.


        Rise of neo-cons:

        False flagger Robinson & Co.:

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