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    • Anonymous says:

      Superdry is not Japanese

      kek I saw ridiculous numbers of white guys wearing Superdry stuff last time I was in Japan, and I always wondered how many of them were wearing it because they thought it was Japanese.

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      This unironically, just go thrifting. Second Street can be fun but independent recycle shops are where it’s really at.

        • Anonymous says:

          Second Street is the big national chain. Everything else is going to be exceedingly local, independent stores that you just have to kind of find and check out yourself.
          That being said when I lived in Tokyo, I found this place was really nice:

          You can search リサイクルショップ and/or 古着 in Google Maps to get results for where you actually are, too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ballaholic is a cool Basketball focused brand. Mountain Research is pretty cool with interesting construction. Also Nautica Japan is sucha solid 90’s prep look. Makes me weep that Nautica in America/Europe is just garbage Polo.

      Seconding this

      Beams and Beams Plus (I’m not sure if they are different things)

      Beams Plus is the diffusion line. Generally more premium and heavvily focused on vintage american styles.
      Beams is more standard and focused on staying up to date with trends.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Go to all the Japanese repro shops in tokyo. Get a loopwheel sweater, a nice pair raw denim jeans from one of the osaka five (get them in one wash so you don’t have to worry about shrinkage) maybe a repro Hawaiian shirt if you are into that kinda thing or some military repro jacket from real mccoys or buzz rickson.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Basically search for stores in whatever city you go to that stock brands like samurai denim, warehouse & co, oni denim, eternal, the strike gold, big john, tcb,
    They will have all the meticulous heritage made American style clothing like heavy flannels and vintage style jackets and all the other stuff that’s made on antique machines. Probably the best bang for your buck in terms of quality per $ spent unless you meticulously learn about a handful of Chinese amerikanji repro brands and seek out their stuff on taobao. But the Japanese stuff is gonna consistently be nicer overall.
    Also don’t get 21oz denim jeans, stick with 17oz or less, maybe 18oz max.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is there a good map of thrift stores out across Japan? I’d like to go one day and I may as well prepare for it now, especially if I can score some good clothes while I’m there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seconding this for Hypebeast style stuff

      >Also Nautica Japan is sucha solid 90’s prep look.
      I did not know this, QRD?

      Basically a lot of western brands lease/sell their trademark out to Japanese distributors who use similiar tech and designs from the mainline with more Japanese focused stylings. TNF Purple and Converse are probably the most famous examples.

      For Nautica JP specifically, it’s headed up by Akio Hasegawa, who was the fashion director behind Popeye and has done work with Beams, Nanamica and Clarks to namedrop a few. Basically he’s the current architect of the City Boy Aesthetic and he’s created a strong 90’s Prep look for Nautica JP. Though I just read he stepped down at the end of last year, so get it while it’s good ig.

      Link to the site: https://nautica.jp/

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