20 thoughts on “ITT we post clothing stores that confuse and enrage the ameriburger

        • Anonymous says:

          I get your point and for the most part I agree but if I look online and see it’s available at a brick and mortar location I rather go there to try it on.

        • Anonymous says:

          The ‘actually finding what you want’ argument for online shopping always feels so stupid. Like yeah, it’s true if you buy bespoke, designer stuff. However, I barely see the difference between a $10 black sweater and a $90 black sweater on pictures online, but i can definitely tell in a store. If you’re looking for quality basics, going to the store is the only way to ‘find what you actually want’ imo

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes? Images can be extremely misleading, and you can’t tell how a fabric feels on your skin or how a fragrance actually smells unless you try it irl
          Going to the store to window shop for something you’re planning to get online for cheaper prices is the way to go

  1. Anonymous says:

    Couldve picked a multitude of stores but you pick a literal one with basketball nets and shit. A sport that every American grew up playing, and probably doesnt even exist in your country let alone as a pastime.

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