It's over for white men

Millions of women find refuge in kpop because white men are:
– ugly
– porn addicted
– roided
– bald
– woman haters

kpop guys are:
– attractive (for women, not for gays)
– sensitive
– talented
– romantic
– respectful

63 thoughts on “It's over for white men

  1. Anonymous says:

    it’s fun when kpop fans move to korea only find out that the society is still ridiculously confucian to a level way beyond anywhere else in asia and women are treated accordingly

    • Anonymous says:

      >when kpop fans move to korea
      this essentially never happens, that’s just a scenario you made up in your head. korea isn’t particularly easy to move to and most kpop fans are teenage girls who can’t just move across the world

  2. Anonymous says:

    korean wave was like 2019 bud, girls like old money and want to be housewives who drive porsches to pilates now. Do you even havr tiktok?

  3. Anonymous says:

    i always wonder about this.. do girls really find some asian men attractive?
    like korean, japanese women are cute, small and overall womenlike. but the men? they are small mostly, eyes are ugly, low testosterone, flat hair, really thin or skinny fat mostly.
    is this a psyop or something? or do they just like kpop and find the singers through the music attractive?

    • Anonymous says:

      Asian men are consistently rated lowest by all races including asian women

      Are you stupid?
      Kpop is popular because the guys are extremely hot, women find western men ugly and annoying.

      Simply untrue in every study ever done. 56% of asian girls in the west marry white men and only 2% of white women marry outside their race (mostly to Black folk)

        • Anonymous says:

          You can cope all you want, it’s never going to make it true bud. 75% of asian men will never marry and will die childless, the highest of any group. Asian populations are expected to half by 2050 because of this

          • Anonymous says:

            Asian men are consistently rated lowest by all races including asian women
            Simply untrue in every study ever done. 56% of asian girls in the west marry white men and only 2% of white women marry outside their race (mostly to Black folk)

            t. whitey cope journalism trying to push an agenda against asian males

            the world is 70% asian yet whitey wants you to think asians are undesired and sexless lmao it’s pure whitey male delusion

  4. Anonymous says:

    >Unfortunately, some women find after their arrival that the men they encounter are not as perfect as the ones portrayed on their screens.

    >Mina, a 20-year-old student from Morocco, said K-pop and Korean TV shows influenced her decision to come to the southern city of Busan in 2021.

    >The men she saw on TV were depicted as “respectful, good looking, rich men who are protective of you,” she said.

    >But during her nights out, she was groped in a bar and propositioned for sex from strangers on the street. She felt some Korean men tended to believe that foreign women are more open to casual sex than local women.

    >We are temporary pleasure, she said, adding, Men are men, humans are alike everywhere.

    >Since then she has lost her enjoyment of Korean TV shows and no longer wants to date Korean men.

    >As Thornton puts it: “In England, I’m very common looking and sound the same as everyone else. In Korea, I’m different, exciting and foreign. People pay attention to me. I felt special.”

    western women saw western men doing well in Korea, thought that if these guys could get a nice girl, then these women could surely date the top 0.1% of Korean men they see in TV shows. It seldom works out. Though, it is funny seeing women hit 30 in Seoul, grunting at Korean women, screwing their face up at every single other foreigner that walks by and complaining about other foreigners for the smallest reasons.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The presence of kpop died a while ago. Literally no one cares anymore. I remember when kpop stans being everywhere was a popular topic of conversation

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s true. I visited /pol/ just to check Argie election. So many images in those threads. Like white women of every combination except with white men.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s literally a fat midget black guy from America with a 3-inch dicklet named rugga and his discord of incels who post these threads all over LULZ. They’re basically mad they can’t get White women and think they’re going to "psyop" the website into liking them. They’re responsible for all of the "bbc" spam, too. But mods are gays and won’t perma them already

  7. Anonymous says:

    Those of us who like kpop like it because it’s fun pop music with lots of cool choregraphed dancing like we had in the 90s without all that constant gross and over the top graphic sexual descriptions that happens in american pop music. Do kpop songs still reference sex? Yes, absolutely. but its a hell of a lot more subtle. They’re not allowed to go too far when it comes to mainstream pop, or else it wont be allowed to air on radios or tv.

    Appearencewise, korean men are pretty, but often scarily skinny. and anyone whos actually talked to korean men knows that theyre all batshit insane, and that they probably hate women more than white men do. You have to be nuts to date one. but they are very pretty though and far more romantic than American men. but honestly, most other men are more romantic than Americans. European men are way more gentlemanly than both-not counting the UK.

    • Anonymous says:

      >They’re not allowed to go too far when it comes to mainstream pop
      ah yes, Jungkook singing ‘i’ll be hecking you right, 7 days a week’ is so hecking wholesome and subtle. Makes Nsync look like 2 Live Crew.

      • Anonymous says:

        >i’ll be hecking you right, 7 days a week
        I highly doubt that korean males are capable of this.
        My sex drive went up there when i eat alot of meat, hit the gym 3x a week. Last time i hecked a trans i came 2 times in a row.
        Not possible if i’m a cute beauty obsessed skinny milk boi.

      • Anonymous says:

        You hecking donkey, he did that after transitioning over to American pop music style. At this point, I consider BTS Americanized completely. Nothing about their current music sounds like kpop anymore, which is why I stopped liking them and moved onto other groups. For korean groups still in korea, you wont catch them outright saying "let me heck you"-not as a currently promoting popular group. Maybe on their "rnb" solo singles, but certainly not for the bubblegum mainstream pop categories.

        • Anonymous says:

          You think that new jeans signing about "The cookie that I made you is so soft, come look at my cookie that’s only at my place" is heckin wholesome?

  8. Anonymous says:

    >It’s over for white men!
    Ok hebrew.
    >women find refuge in kpop.
    Nah, just fat & ugly women who are still living in fantasy.
    >kpop guys are-
    Literal Boy Toy. Simple as, nothing special.

    • Anonymous says:

      >OP doesn’t know what kind of white girls are into east asian culture.
      OP is in for a rude awakening. Stacey and Becky still go for square jaw, Fierce wearing Chad.

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