22 thoughts on “Is this an appropriate way for a 38 year Olde woman to dress.

  1. Anonymous says:

    She’s letting you know she’s seen more sausage than a butcher’s window, but now her eggs are running low and she needs you to man up, fertilise them and fund them for the next 18 years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I lift to intimidate women like this and, if need be, physically dominate them into submission. Somebody has to do it, since most "men" are too impotent to do a goddamn thing when a woman steps out of line. heck, most men are too scared to even make eye contact with a woman. No wonder they’re walking all over us.

    Example: women wear clothes in the gym or elsewhere in public to attract attention and show off their bodies and then shut men down when they give the attention. Most men play the game the way women want it to be played, the same way women want all their games to be played: with the woman coming out on top and the men losing. These same "men" think they win because they didn’t get #MeToo’d by her because they were respectful and averted their eyes like good little cuckboys.

    I refuse to abide. I stare. I make faces of disgust at them. I approach them and make comments: respectful but firm. The look on their faces and in their eyes and body language is priceless. I humiliate them in public and it feels great. They simply do not expect to be called out on their shit in 2023, and I do it, and it blows their mind. This wasn’t supposed to happen! All their slutty, tattooed, pierced, used-up whore girlfriends said they should do it and there were no consequences! Then she goes home and wallows in her humiliation for days, weeks, months even. I know first hand because I’ve dated many women. Boys fail to comprehend just how easily women are influenced and how insecure they are under their micrometer-thin bad-b***h facade.

    My muscular build gives credence to my disapproval, it helps ensure they know I mean business, and it also is a great asset when I’m dating a woman and she’s out of line. Multiple women have, without fail, allowed me to slap them into submission when they get out of line and are manipulative, or dishonest, or otherwise unladylike. And most of these women have directly admitted it turns them on and they’ve gotten wet after I’ve hit them.

    Try it.

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