23 thoughts on “Is there any DIY way to fix or lessen shoulder divots in a suit jacket?

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        OP here, I tried my best with medical gauze and ducktape to create a patch


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        it should look like this even without your patch. try the pose from your first pic.
        seems plausible though, because the patch is rigid enough to keep the shape. one more option is to pad the sleeve head from the inside, so that the fabric can rest on the pad at the same level as the shoulder pad when you move your arm out.
        last option would be to open the shoulder seam, cut the shoulder and pad to size, do a tiny bit of padding on the sleeve head and then sew it back together. that still leaves you with divots, but they would be less noticeable, and it is a huge amount of work

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      >TAILORS HATE HIM! Find out how to avoid the tailor tax with this simple cheap trick.

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        Put me in the screenshot lads

        sorry man but this is /fashion/ in 2024. this board hasn’t a ‘culture’ since the election. 90% of the user base are newfags that treat this place like an insta/tiktok alternative, and the other 9% are trolls from /pol/

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          Troll here from /pol. But I did get some sick jeans, boots, and frags out of my lurking here. Also surprised that this worked. (Op) should perfect this method using better long lasting materials and dry cleaner and patent it. I’ve always heard that it’s practically impossible to fix shoulders like that.

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    The TRUE and HONEST way to do it is to take off the sleeves, reshape the sleeve heads and then re-assemble everything. It’s a huge pain in the ass to do properly so most alterations places will charge a fortune for such a job, assuming they won’t outright refuse to do it.

    t. tailor

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