18 thoughts on “Is the military thing played out or is it always relevant? Do you own any olive-drab gear?

  1. Anonymous says:

    always relevant. fashion basically roots in military uniforms, so it just classic clothing.
    but, very important, you will look really autistic and cringe if you do it wrong. i once saw a literal tranny wearing a bundeswehr camo feldjacke, nearly had to throw up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ironically I bought two military-inspired pieces earlier today.
    Pic related is probably the larpiest I own.

    Tbh I quite like their design. I would avoid wearing flecktarn or something resembling a uniform, but stuff like a fighter squadron t-shirt or understated outwear looks good in my opinion.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I own an army green tshirt that seems to have become a go-to item for me. Having green eyes probably helps me pull it off.

    • Anonymous says:


      I like to incorporate a single piece quite often. Got a pair of Bronson 5th Army jungle trousers for MASH style fits with a Hawaiian. Retro Rhodie brushstroke trousers work with almost everything. vintage SA police camo shirt and a rare Czechoslovakia experimental camo shirt made for desert storm before the country broke apart. Oh and a Kenyan paratrooper Denison smock my Dad smuggled out of the country under threat of 20 years prison.

      But I was actually a grunt with a combat tour and not a 17 year old twink with a zoomer perm so..

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