26 thoughts on “Is that A KNOT

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s a corporate humiliation ritual

    It serves no other purpose than indicating to mr shekelstein you would painstakingly create a leash for yourself to look suitable to the company

  2. Anonymous says:

    i want to like them, but some people are such douches about them
    >’you look slovenly without one’
    no i dont. you just want a reason to pretend youre better than me. im not falling for it.
    ill wear my ties when i want to, and this uppity attitude more makes me want to destroy my collection than wear any.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Has anyone mocked or tried to shame you for wearing them?
    Nobody has mocked me since middle school, maybe you are just a low tier man

    • Anonymous says:

      Plain shantung ties are my new favorite. Look a little worn-out yet amazing. But I used to wear woolen knit almost everyday.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a coincidence, this happened just yesterday kek
    >grandma decides to celebrate my deceased grandpas 80th birthday in a restaurant
    >getting dressed as per usual
    >mom walks in on me tying my tie
    >"That’s too formal. You will look out of place, people are coming in jogging pants (no one actually did this). Learn to read the air and dress yourself appropriately, no need to choke yourself"
    I wish I was making this up, or my mother had some sort of elaborate troll humor but she genuinely despises ties. Not the first time she critiques them in this ridiculous manner.
    Vintage silk ties with elaborate patterns are my personal favourite. My go-to is a deep red one with little birds on it

    • Anonymous says:

      post fit of what u wore to grandpas birthday

      Collar didn’t want to lay flat after ironing and yes this is just one waistcoat and my mirror needs cleaning
      Wouldn’t wear colors like this to an actual formal event rather than a family get together


      Well I decided to please her (and myself) by going half and half. The bottom half casual for her, and the top formal for me.

      I think it worked.

      Mogs me

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s worth mentioning it’s a silk shirt hence the thin fabric and folds

        where’s your jacket? you didn’t just wear waistcoats by themselves right

        Erm well…It was a "casual" setting after all, this was perfectly acceptable as vintage fashion
        I did wear a jacket outside but it’s a bit warm of a restaurant

      • Anonymous says:

        >Red pants
        >Ridiculous vest
        The tie your mom criticized is the least of your problems in your entire outfit. Your entire family, included yourself, must be stupid. That dress shirt and tie with black dress pants would have been fine.

  5. Anonymous says:

    almost wore a tie today. was running out of time getting ready for work, decided last minute i couldnt make it look right. i should have picked brown, thats an easier one to look relaxed in

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