58 thoughts on “Is kpop?

    • Anonymous says:

      Y-e-s, that spells /fashion/.


      Is kpop /fashion/?

      I’m not too much into that 80s femme look. The wigga phase was pretty fire, then it peaked after that with the just cute soft boy whatever, then they went overboard with makeup etc.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s the thing, if you took away the sexcore aura and clothes he would be the better looking guy in every way. But then again anybody who is, or dresses like, a k-pop twink is probably a turbo douchebag as well, just like sexcore guidos.

    • Anonymous says:

      So we’ve established that all the guy on the right needs to do is oversize in the same way that left is, and he’d mog hardcore

        • Anonymous says:

          Only femcels and teengers like ‘men’ like the one on the left. Granted only sluts like men like the one on the right.

          • Anonymous says:

            I don’t think anybody likes men like the one on the right. It’s a male myth.

            Lots of gay men love guys who look like the right image but that’s beside the point.
            It’s not just femcels and teens, this has been a very clear trend.
            Women have for a long time found youthful looking and boyish men to be more attractive.
            It’s one of the reasons why clean shaven was popular for almost a century.
            Androgynous and boyish men are increasingly popular with women these days and the trend doesn’t appear to be dying down.

            Your sexual orientation is mostly genetic but your sexual attraction to specific aspects is mostly determined by your circumstance i.e. a conditioned stimulus.
            Many women (Zoomers and Gen Alpha) grew up in a culture with anime, boy bands and pretty boys and thus have developed a sexual attraction and fondness towards this type of man.
            It’s not really any different than young men becoming far more fixated by huge butts and thicker women because they grew up in a culture with fatter women, Instagram thots, Egirls and animated pornography with exaggerated proportions.

  1. Anonymous says:

    That outfit looks terrible. He would be laughed at anywhere but on a stage where people paid money and has to look at him to get their moneys worth.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No, it’s soulless and devoid of all meaning beyond simple greed. It’s a testament to the depravity a capitalist country can fall to once you take away all meaning in a spiritual christian sense. The society that produces such vapid shiny objects must be shallow, callous and deeply selfish. It’s a token of the end times that this is what catches the attention of modern day youths. A bunch of exchangeable Asians who have been carved by doctors who think the notion of chopping penises off to make someone a "girl" is completely sane. Yet beyond that plastic and designer clothes, not chosen because of it’s aesthetic value but for it’s price tag, is computer made cheap tunes with a fresh out of college lit major’s lyrics about love. As if they have the notion, as if they understand emotions that aren’t greed and fear of losing money or status.

    • Anonymous says:

      I kinda like how soulless and corporate it is, feels really representative of the direction our culture is headed in. I also enjoy looking at hot asian chicks jiggle bewbies.

      Just wish the hecking music was better lmao

      • Anonymous says:

        >Just wish the hecking music was better lmao
        It’s when they sing in english, it’s so cringe and soulless I want to die

  3. Anonymous says:

    the problem with this aesthetic is that although it looks good alone, once you’re next to a real man you get proportion mogged.

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