38 thoughts on “Is it ogre? What happened to this icon of fa?

  1. Anonymous says:

    the goose isn’t attractive or well dressed or even a good actor, i just love him because he plays stupid meme roles like the driver. i assumed that was how everyone felt about him

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not saying YOU aren’t being honest but now that the memes have gone mainstream I can see something along the lines of your reply to become the common cope for anons who’ve been gooseposting for years now trying to pretend like they never liked him

    • Anonymous says:

      >he plays stupid meme roles
      >The Believer
      >Half Nelson
      >Lars and the Real Girl
      >Blue Valentine
      >The Ides of March
      >La La Land
      I liked him in Drive, BR2049, Big Short, Barbie, etc. too, but acting like those are the peak of his career is ignorant

      • Anonymous says:

        the believer is 100% a meme role and not even a good movie. la la land is just a chick flick (albeit a very good one)
        i have not seen those other movies

        • Anonymous says:

          >2 out of 6
          Basically what I figured yeah. I don’t blame you since most people nowadays just know him for "literally me" roles but I’d look at his actual filmography a bit more first. His performance in the believer was pretty widely praised, but I can see people arguing that the film tries to ask questions it has no idea how to answer.

        • Anonymous says:

          Still haven’t watched it unfortunately. I’ve only watched barely half of the films he has leading roles in, but working through the rest now. Of what I’ve seen the ones I least liked were slaughter rule (a bit like the believer, had interesting ideas but often poorly presented), the notebook (not really entertaining even ironically), and the nice guys which was mostly marvel tier humor. I don’t think he’s the greatest actor in the world or anything, but he’s had a lot of interesting roles in less mainstream projects along with shit like barbie and romcoms, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of those performances so far.

    • Cecelia Drakensang In Seattle says:

      He’s not, not compared to fat ugly bald middle aged guys, but he looks like he is going down the botox or even surgery path, looking a bit uncanny, and since barbie the new hairstyle. His nose was different in his 20s.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He got cheek fillers for barbie. It was great for the role because he looked more plastic. It look awful as soon as he’s not wearing a shitload of makeup and doesn’t have perfect lighting. This is a sign from god guys, it’s always better to accept your age.

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