31 thoughts on “Is it legal to make penguin-skin clothing? I feel like this would make a baller winter coat.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Penquins are quite small, the skin would have to be utilized very well and still, there would be many pieces and not just one large piece of skin

  2. Sieg heil says:

    Just do it, and don’t tell anyone.

    I have some real rabbit fur laying around my home and just tell everyone is fake

    People are hecking sheep. You can have a closet of dead babies and tell them they’re just dolls and they’ll believe you

    “Now why the heck would I have a closet of dead babies Jessica?!”

    “Yeah exactly, they’re broken dolls you dumb b***h”

      • Sieg Heil says:

        I’m kinda of (very autistic) so I like to have everything extremely organized and perfect.

        Like normal people can have trash all over the house and kitchen and dirty dishes everywhere. And toss their keys and whatever on the floor… I can’t do that. It drives me insane

        My edc stuff, keys wallet whatever I need for the day are laid out in a spot and my mind needs like a box or an area to place that stuff. So I lay it out on rabbit pelts and replace as needed.

        Guests have asked if it was real or not and I just lie and tell them it’s fake or I just saw nah it’s from the crafts store

        It is from a crafts store so that’s not really a lie but it is real fur

        • Anonymous says:

          I eas asking if people have qualms about rabbit fur. I understand some people might be taken aback by fur coming from animals specifically raised or hunted for their fur, like mink, fox, etc. But rabbits are food, people eat them. It’s like people complaining aboit cowhide jackets while eating burgers.

    • Anonymous says:

      This reminds me of an idea that I hope some edgy fashion designer does, and that is to make a lab coat from the skings of lab mice that were put down.

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