Intimate Fear

Today I stare into the mirror
My face frozen by my greatest fear

Behind the eyes of indifference
Under the shroud of a noisy mind
Lies my own darkest imprint
A horror with a gripping bind

Touching, kissing, intimacy
These things were never meant for me
In spite of this I’ll shed no tears
Alone I’ll face my greatest fear

My frozen heart forever shelled
My uneasiness cannot be quelled
Unable to shake the abject terror
Of two hearts becoming one human error

I who am born and proud as one
Will always remain this way
Those who wish me love with one other
Bring nothing but dismay

Taciturnity is now my king
With an adverse and obstinate reign
Having pride as its greatest strength
And love as its greatest bane

Leave me with my greatest fear
Please, at least surmise
As you look unto my weary face
And the terror within my eyes

Know the true meaning of my rejection
To closeness, tenderness, warmth, and affection
Though I don’t expect you to understand
Love is something I can never withstand

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