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Internet Bloodsports: the pay for play troll army terrorizing the internet An army of internet trolls led by youtubers like Andy Warski and Keemstar is destroying my life for a sickening spectacle fueled by donations. Here's what happened.

Imagine having your entire life turned upside down and inside out and systematically dismantled by a powerful force freed from the individual’s burden of a sense of responsibility. Thousands of people coming together in one place and for one purpose: to figure out how to get you. You are probably imagining losing your job, your reputation, even personal relationships.

That’s exactly what happened to me and it all happened in the span of a week.

Everyone and everything is fair game in Internet Bloodsports, a sickening internet phenomenon that happened when unscrupulous Springer-esque internet entertainers discovered that there is serious money to be made in pandering to schadenfreude-seeking sociopaths on relatively unmoderated streaming platforms. Their standing lynch mob armies can field thousands of trolls at any given time. Targets are chosen more or less at random.

Documenting the history and psychology of IBS is beyond the scope of this article. This is the story of how I came to be associated with one of Internet Bloodsports’ current figureheads and how he leveraged his troll army against me when our relationship turned sour.

The founding of Hype Break

I chanced into meeting Andy Warski (whom I’d already known for at least a couple of years) late 2018, several months after I had been let go (along with everyone else) from Milo Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous.

Warski himself had more or less been disowned by all his friends for his participation in Internet Bloodsports and engagement with members of the alt-right. During our talk we eventually came to agree that a YouTube games journalism collaboration would be a chance for the both of us to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and make a name for ourselves. Hype Break was born.

Following my creation of the channel — I gave it the name and registered the related domains — our first weeks of churning out videos were without pay until we built enough content and subscribers to meet YouTube’s qualifications for monetization.

Our initial videos had fewer than a thousand views, but my persistent personal efforts to drive the channel’s content allowed me to deliver videos that averaged at above 10,000 views to upwards of 100,000 views by the year’s end.

While Warski contributed little to the channel, he did promise to bring in a source of revenue through a YouTube MCN (multi-channel network) that would guarantee Hype Break better ads and even sponsorships.

And although he signed Hype Break up to the MCN, I would eventually learn from its manager that he did so under his own name, and falsely referred to me as merely someone under his employ. Thankfully the content I had created and Hype Break’s YouTube AdSense receipts (directed to my account in the one month prior to Warski’s signing up with the MCN) satisfactorily proved to this manager my majority ownership of the channel.

None of the promises Warski made to me came to pass.

I would later learn, again through the MCN manager, that Warski was always offline and impossible to reach. During this time, as I would also later learn, Warski would lie to me and tell me that his MCN manager was “working on it” and that he would attempt to strongarm him into getting us sponsorships worth ten times more than what we were earning through YouTube revenue alone.

Warski’s relapse into IBS

Warski’s inability to commit to the channel actually stemmed from his preoccupation with Internet Bloodsports, which came about through his relaunch of a show called Warpath on his personal channel. For a time, he made bank from YouTube superchats — donations provided by viewers over the course of dozens of three-hour livestreams. Each stream of Warpath earned upwards of $300, some of which he opted to split with a co-host.

But bloodsports took its toll on Warski, as well as his content. At first, Warski made a lot of money and was driving a lot of attention to himself by covering popular topics like the BetterHelp advertising scandal that implicated major YouTubers like Philip DeFranco and Shane Dawson as individuals benefiting from their viewers’ depression.

When that well ran dry, Warski found himself scraping the bottom of the barrel by making several streams dedicated to YouTubers no one had even heard of — like the guy who was singled out because his wife complained of his poor hygiene during a livestream that had fewer than a hundred viewers.

It was at this time Warski came back to Hype Break. He had seen its numbers and growth and started to consider it a worthwhile alternative to Internet Bloodsports. He would promise to deliver twice-daily content that he didn’t actually deliver, leaving me to develop all the popular content for the channel as per usual. What few videos he made were poorly produced, based on stale material that other gaming channels had already covered days before. This was his contribution to Hype Break.

Warning signs

In the midst of his declining efforts to push Warpath, Warski struck up a beef with another YouTuber named Tonka Saw. The two had history as co-hosts, and Warski felt that Tonka Saw had somehow betrayed him to Kraut and Sargon.

These were details that he shared with me in earnest, as I shared my personal details with him. Details that he would later weaponize against me, and in doing so personally hurt those I care about the most.

Despite his lax efforts on Hype Break, I considered him my best friend and believed he regarded me the same way. I told him things of my personal life, much of which would be uninteresting if not for the drama that now surrounds it, that I should not have — accidentally betraying the trust of those I care about, as I vented to him about my relationships and friendships with others whom he did not know.

He would say, “If you have any relationship problems, just tell me about it and I’ll help you out.” How little I knew then.

Warski’s penchant for Internet Bloodsports led to his decision to physically fight Tonka Saw in the ring, perhaps seeing the build-up to the fight as yet another away to maintain some relevance in the scene and make some scratch in the process. It all culminated in a real-world MMA bout in Knoxville, Tennessee that never happened on January 19. He now brags about being an “undefeated” MMA champion — the proud boast of a man who fought against a ghost and won.

During this time, Warski’s paranoid symptoms made themselves evident to me, as he would, at times, rail against his former partners and co-hosts, describing them as thieves and snakes who abused his trust and betrayed him. Warski would accuse his long-time partner on his main channel, Chris, of siphoning thousands of dollars out of his bank account. These were accusations he would make both publicly on his livestreams and privately to me, with details I found incredulous. He would make the same accusations about another YouTuber he collaborated with named Jean-Francois Gariepy, whom he would claim was “using” him for his clout and his channel for its much larger platform than Gariepy’s own.

The buyout deal

The true extent of Warski’s paranoia became evident when, in early January, he locked me out of the Hype Break channel without warning and accused me of working against him with Tonka Saw — a man with whom I had no contact. We managed to resolve the issue when I successfully reclaimed the channel, but heckles were raised, and I knew I had to part ways with Warski or risk being drawn further into his delusions.

At the time, I had a good thing going as the main editor of Exclusively Games. Hype Break was taking off. I did not want to see any of it collapse over yet another one of Warski’s livestream freakouts.

I made an effort to distance myself from him, and eventually proposed to him — days after his fight in Knoxville — to purchase his share of the channel using funds that were set to be paid to him through the YouTube MCN for the months of December 2018 and January 2019. We both understood that this meant he would have to wait at least 30 to 90 days for the funds to process.

As an additional stipulation, Warski demanded (following “a talk with the boys” — I do not know to whom he refers) I pay an additional $2,000 over a period of 8 to 12 months following my ownership of Hype Break because he believed it would grow and that he would, and I quote, “become jealous and bitter” over its success. The additional money, he said, would sweeten the deal. We had a verbal agreement to transfer the full rights and control of the channel over to me.

I agreed and drafted a contract to put it in writing, evidence of which he himself has produced on social media as proof of our agreement. However, I could not get his signed copy back from him, and he was unreachable for a day, at which point he went on another one of his livestreams to refocus his attacks on staple Internet Bloodsports villain Tonka Saw.

Fake drama

During the stream, my name came up in a leaked private chat log between the guest and Tonka Saw’s girlfriend, whom I have been friends with for years. She remarked, in the DMs, that she can’t imagine Warski’s reaction if he were to find out that we were “still talking” in spite of his aggression towards her boyfriend. It’s worth noting that Warski was, at this time, fully aware of her friendship with me and had said to me that it didn’t bother him, so it should be puzzling as to why he took this news as a surprise and went on to rail about how I was a “snake” all along, who had somehow “stolen” Hype Break and its revenues without even so much as a notice.

But a discerning mind might suggest that Warski had found himself a new target to monetize — the bloodsports with Tonka Saw had already died with the MMA fight that never happened. He promised to make a series of videos unveiling the true extent of my supposed snakery and how I had been intending, somehow, to backstab him all along. He brought up my employment with Exclusively Games, unfairly directing a hate mob at my employer at the time — thereby prompting the termination of my employment.

Warski released a proper video the very next day, promising more to come, exposing details of my personal life that would otherwise be of no interest to anyone were I not the subject of his campaign against me. Warski promised to take down Hype Break, strike down content I had produced, and effectively burn me to the ground. In his video, Warski also promoted an outright lie about me killing a dog.

The harassment campaign starts in earnest

His words lit the fuse to the Internet Bloodsports keg, which is always in want of a fresh villain. An avalanche of hostile YouTube comments. Thousands of tweets. Emails. Instagram. Facebook. Even Linkedin. And then of course the official Internet Bloodsports streams with hosts stoking the fire ever hotter for the thousands of viewers/participants baying for blood. Official Internet Bloodsports mythology had crowned me the stealer of YouTube channels.

And much worse.

For example, I was accused of calling a SWAT team down on someone’s house — a troll by the name of Wildgoose, who produced dozens of doxes of journalists during the height of GamerGate in 2014.

It’s a narrative that shifts with every retelling. In some stories, a dog is flashbanged. In others, it’s killed. The owner of the dog changes from the person I supposedly swatted, to Wildgoose’s dad. Multiple SWAT raids on the same person. The dog is blinded. Sometimes killed. Sometimes blinded and killed. None of the stories line up. Depending on who you ask, they’ll say I owe Wildgoose thousands of dollars to pay for the treatment of this imaginary dog, or for his mental health. The malicious rumor spawned a hashtag called #pray4pupper.

It’s ironic for Wildgoose to demand recompense over the injury of a nonexistent dog when he himself led a campaign to eradicate pitbulls across the United States during this time. And the video evidence provided by Wildgoose and others pushing the “flashbanged dog” story were made in conjunction with Warski’s own videos slandering me, using footage of a police raid that’s both years old and took place in a completely different part of the country. The only picture he was able to provide of his dog is an image cribbed right out of Google Images with background music that detracts from any seriousness of the claim.

Anyone who process these allegations with a functioning brain can clearly see them for what they are: a malicious joke intended to defame. But it hasn’t stopped some people from taking it all at face value, or from mindlessly joining the bandwagon to call for my blood over an imaginary dog.

And when I say blood, I mean in the literal sense as well as the figurative. Internet Bloodsports hosts frequently suggest to their thousands of trolls that a properly formulated report to the authorities in my country might get me whipped or even executed, so, you know, wink wink nudge nudge.

Terror and error

I was at a loss, to put it mildly. Everything I’d worked so hard for — Hype Break, my friendship with Warski, and even my employment (they didn’t want the negative attention) — was being destroyed in front of me.

I wasn’t thinking clearly. I thought of ways I could strike back at Warski, for all he was doing to me and promising to do to me. I recalled his cocaine habit, which he admitted to me, and of the times he bragged about possessing illegal firearms at his place of residence. I left a tip with the police, telling them of his habits, and warned them to approach him with caution given what I knew of his mindset at the time.

It was a terrible mistake, but I felt like a cornered animal. I was angry and desperate and powerless and I believed that a visit from the police could bring Warski back to his senses. Clearly, they did not, and my actions prompted him to redouble his efforts against me, and of the mob’s as well.


During this moment of weakness I also reached out to a friend I had known for over a year, one I thought I could trust — mindlessly detailing my actions to her. Despite knowing little of Warski, she would later tell him about it, revealing a few out-of-context messages I had sent her, and then go onto his livestream to detail everything I had ever said to her in confidence (I previously reached out to her in December for personal advice), playing up and exaggerating the extent of everything I said to her.

I cannot speak to her state of mind or explain why she would betray my trust — but Internet Bloodsports and the clout that comes with it does strange things to otherwise decent people.

Every word that I’ve ever typed or spoken on the Internet is now being used against me — “evidence” of my character. Words that contradict the narrative are cited as proof of my hypocrisy.

Andy Warski, along with the Killstream, and now even DramaAlert’s Keemstar (who frequently calls in to the Internet Bloodsports streams), have seen fit to spread a narrative about me that consists of many lies and few truths.

I never got a dog killed. I never stole a YouTube channel or its revenues. I never initiated a DDOS attack on Warski. I never flagged down any channels that reported on this subject. It is a narrative that has brought Warski in particular a sizable amount of money, with videos that are being used to also raise funds for an Indiegogo project involving Warski and Ethan Ralph.

Warski and his cohorts are monetizing the destruction of my life.

Final thoughts

It is easy join a hate mob.

You, the reader, may have even participated in a hate mob. You may even be one of the people currently participating in my destruction. It’s difficult to fathom what it’s like to be standing within the eye of the storm and watch as the world collapses around you as strangers—people whom you don’t even know—think that they know the ins-and-outs of your actions and of your life.

It’s a no-brainer to partake in a coordinate attack against someone, especially when you feel justified. It only takes one tweet — a sentence comprised of fewer than 240 characters — to share a hot take. Your words may reach a dozen people, or they may reach a million. It matters not, as the volume of attacks more than makes up for any individual tweet.

To contribute to the outrage, all you have is to click a button and you’ll have done your part. And in doing so, you have helped to ruin the life of someone you do not know, and the lives of those around them.

Defending yourself against the tide of hate is much harder, if not impossible to do without a massive platform of your own. Even then, it is a Sisyphean task. Your defenders, innumerable though they may be, are similarly afraid of being singled out as targets alongside you.

There are few ways out, but should you ever find yourself at the center of a hate mob, your worst move is to provide them with anything they can use against you. I made the mistake of tipping the police off on Andy. It is being painted as a “swatting attempt,” and even worse — “attempted murder.” It is neither of these things.

I will admit that this experience, which is on-going, has made me sink into depression. I suffer from near-suicidal thoughts — not enough to harm myself, but enough to ideate on the prospect of simply disappearing. It may come from a place of selfishness, as I am forced to ruminate upon all I have lost.

I am sorry to those whom I have hurt — to those who placed their trust in me, which I betrayed, inadvertently or otherwise, as I once trusted those who seek to ruin me. And I am thankful to everyone who stuck their necks out for me.

Narrative often eclipses the truth. Be honest, cherish those who care for you, be careful with who you trust, don’t share anyone else’s secrets, and don’t do anything underhanded. The trash fire that rages within any given hate mob will snuff itself out with no combustible material to work with. Live well, and do not participate in Internet Bloodsports.

Ian Miles Cheong is the managing editor of Human Events and owner of Hype Break. Subscribe to for insightful analysis of games and criticism of game journalism and the culture surrounding video games.


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  6. Pacific Island Crusher Pacific Island Crusher

    Ian Miles Cheong:
    1. Gets a dog murdered by swatting someone who he thought threatened him (he was wrong).
    2. Steals Andy Warski’s Hype Break.
    3. Tries to swat and kill Andy, and admits that this was his intention.
    4. Profusely lies about all of his actions and projects everything.
    5. Betrays every social group he’s ever been a part of; one way was to dox all of his previous acquaintances.
    6. No one has anything good to say about him.
    7. Lies and plays the victim like a perfect SJW while claiming that he grew out of his “retarded SJW days” a few years ago.
    8. Has incredibly racist and sexist chats floating around on the internet whilst publicly acting like he’s totally against racism and sexism.
    9. Admits to breaking like 3 different laws in the country that he currently lives.
    10… Anyone else…Am I missing anything?

    P.S. Ian Miles Cheong has publicly admitted to at least half of these things himself.

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    You stole a YouTube channel and I’ll never watched it again. What a loser you are and will never regain your reputation whatever good will you had before is forever tarnished. You are nothing but a liar and scum in my opinion Mr. Ian Miles Cheong.

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    “Pretty sure the comments on this prove your point Ian. If anyone tries to argue that Andy has no incentive to lie to stir up drama, just take a look at his social blade numbers.

    His main channel peaked at 5.09M views in a month in Jan 2017. Just two years later he’s down 94% to just 317K views in Jan 2019. And sadly this is an improvement. He only got 205K views in Dec 2018, his worst month (barring YouTube’s gently caress ups) in 3 years. Meanwhile Hype Break brought in 1.5M views in December before the drama between you two started.

    To me, this paints a picture of someone desperate to keep the money flowing in and doing it the only way he knows how to… burning down everything and everyone he can and profit as much as he can from the ashes.

    And I’m saying this as someone who used to be a fan of Warski but got tired of him repeating himself in his videos.

    They might call you an SJW, but if anything, Andy is a social arsonist praying he can recapture the glory he once had. Too bad things like coke and rent cost money.”

    • OP OP

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    Do us a favor, and killed yourself, you useless paypig.

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    Even if you, Ian Miles Cheong think that, recently a guy was put away for murder (but not attempted murder , Ian Miles Cheong ) for getting someone killed by SWATing . With that in mind, I think it’s fair to say that you – Ian Miles Cheong – admitted to attempted murder in that audio leak.

    Ian Miles Cheong attempted murder SWATing

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      “but that’s not just me wanting to get Andy killed”
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      That’s the operative part of that sentence. You’re a sick psychotic fück and this article of appallingly, almost comedically provably false lies and the indignant, unrepentant attitude throughout it just go to show it. Although you thinking that bragging about trying to murder someone via cop was going to get you pussy should’ve enough to show everyone that already.

      And by the way, dippoopy, “making a tip to the police” that someone is “mentally unstable and heavily armed, and has a huge stash of drugs” IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF HOW YOU SWAT SOMEONE! EVERYONE KNOWS THIS, AND NOBODY IS FALLING FOR IT YOU UNBELIEVABLY STUPID PIG-FACED RETARD.

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    Pretty sure the comments on this prove your point Ian. If anyone tries to argue that Andy has no incentive to lie to stir up drama, just take a look at his social blade numbers.

    His main channel peaked at 5.09M views in a month in Jan 2017. Just two years later he’s down 94% to just 317K views in Jan 2019. And sadly this is an improvement. He only got 205K views in Dec 2018, his worst month (barring YouTube’s gently caress ups) in 3 years. Meanwhile Hype Break brought in 1.5M views in December before the drama between you two started.

    To me, this paints a picture of someone desperate to keep the money flowing in and doing it the only way he knows how to… burning down everything and everyone he can and profit as much as he can from the ashes.

    And I’m saying this as someone who used to be a fan of Warski but got tired of him repeating himself in his videos.

    They might call you an SJW, but if anything, Andy is a social arsonist praying he can recapture the glory he once had. Too bad things like coke and rent cost money.

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    Anyway! This whole thing makes my head hurt, but you are still more in the wrong then Warski is by a long shot. Just do yourself a favor and vanish and don’t come back.

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    • Anonymous Anonymous

      there’s recorded audio proving ian falsely reported andy to the cops and tried to get him killed

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Ian is a literal paypig.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Hey ian

  50. Anonymous Anonymous

    i don’t want you to have a nice day ian, i want you to live a long miserable life.

  51. Do the rest of the world a favor and stop breathing, douchebag. You are wasting valuable oxygen.

  52. Concerned Citizen Concerned Citizen

    You are seriously the biggest piece of sh¡t on the internet. You actually dethroned Donga. Congratulations, I guess.

    Go suck on a tail pipe, scumbag.

  53. Gas the Chungus Gas the Chungus


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Fake news!!!! Ian is a creeper furry fag, pay pig. Go do Malaysian articles, this is not for you mathematician

    • Anonymous Anonymous


  54. john john


  55. Donga of Superberry Tribe Donga of Superberry Tribe


  56. Anonymous Anonymous

    Go choke on poopy and die of AIDS, you fat gay retard.

  57. Anonymous Anonymous

    Trying to go legit Ian? You can’t gently caressing write and you’re an admitted swatter, gay porn poster and long term sleazebag. kys and diaf faggot.

  58. Pewdiepie Pewdiepie

    I hate you Ian.

    Felix Kjelberg aka Pewdiepie

  59. Stillgay Stillgay

    Ian Miles Cheong has lost all credibility and his attempt at regaining an ounce of respect is play the victim and spread some more lies.

  60. KYS KYS

    The Chungus cries out in pain as he swats you.

  61. Shane Dawson Shane Dawson

    This article is at least a year too late, the internet bloodsports were relevant when the Kumite was at its peak.
    But you Ian Miles Cheong you colluded, betrayed ,lied , had someone swatted and resulted in a dog’s death.
    Now you’re writing on Lulz dot com in a pathetic attempt to smear even more someone you stole from and stabbed in the back. Probably time to learn to code Wen Xian.

  62. Anonymous Anonymous

    Learn to code

  63. ZidanistheBestGook ZidanistheBestGook

    Killstream sends it’s regards faggot.

  64. Anonymous Anonymous

    You fat dork I hope you lose a few pounds running from the Malaysian government as the try to harpoon your goofy whale ass. Get bent you soy soaked fat faggot

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I believe sir, that you are simply brainless.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Ian should leave American poopy behind. He looks weird and definitely is a virgin

  65. Anonymous Anonymous

    ian micro dong is donga’s top

  66. Anonymous Anonymous

    You are not a victim, you piece of poopy.

  67. Anonymous Anonymous

    You really should consider removing Chungus from your website. He will bring you down.

  68. Anonymous Anonymous

    fix your teeth

  69. Lazarian Lazarian

    I’m not sure what to think about all this anymore. But I do think that I’d rather have nothing to do with anyone associated with the entire internet bloodsports bullpoopy. It’s all a bunch of unstable, weird sociopaths. There’s better places to be than that.

    I don’t see anyone here coming away with anything good.

    • Watch video I linked 4 proof Watch video I linked 4 proof

      Everything in this propaganda screed is utterly fake, phony and false. You Ian(real name Wan Xian) are responsible for stealing Hype Break, swatting Wild Goose’s father (b/c u thought it was his address), which resulted in the dog getting a flashbang grenade exploded on the dogs head(mutilating it so badly it had to be put down) and you personally admitted to calling the Canadian cops on Andy saying he’s “armed and dangerous, he has coke, he is prone to fits of anger, schizophrenia and violence. Also he has many illegal guns and has threatened to shoot anyone who knocks on his door.” Reciepts=

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Please explain to all of us why you don’t use your brain to think. I am almost certain you have an IQ of 10 with this kind of reasoning.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I think you should take the Chungus cock out of your mouth and put the noose around your neck.

    • Once a SJW, always a SJW Once a SJW, always a SJW

      ” It’s all a bunch of unstable, weird sociopaths. ”

      You know Ian Miles Cheong (real name Wen Xian) tried to get Andy Warski killed? He told the cops he had guns in his house and he was a dangerous schizo. The evidence is still available online.
      But the people involved in IBS are the sociopaths…

  70. Mundane Matt's Wife's Son Mundane Matt's Wife's Son


    • ChungusTheFagot ChungusTheFagot

      this fat titty-baby sure knows how to whine. GO AWAY CHUNGUS

  71. Bunguschungus Bunguschungus

    Why you always lying ?

    • RealIanMilesCheong RealIanMilesCheong

      oh we can post pics

  72. Peter Griffen Peter Griffen

    Shut up, Meg.

  73. ChungusDungus ChungusDungus

    P.S. it replaces sh*t with poopy XD

    • Anonymous Anonymous
  74. Anonymous Anonymous


  75. Liam Neeson Liam Neeson

    #Pay4Pupper sea mathematician

  76. ChungusDungus ChungusDungus

    Wow. Just wow. Well champ, you tried but you aren’t going to get any sympathy. You are a two faced snake, and have been caught in your own pit of lies. You gently caressed up and now you aren’t tough enough to own up to it so you tuck tail and run like the coward you are. You blame everybody for your own misfortunes and never fess up to the poopy you’ve done. We have mountains of evidence on the poopy you’ve pulled and pull these random excuses out of your ass with no proof. There is no logic in desperation. There is no reason in excuses. You’ve been caught, Ian Miles Cheong, but you’re too chicken poopy to own up to it.
    Congratulation, you’re a liar, a poopy writer, as well as a dog killer.

  77. Deadairchungus Deadairchungus

    Miserable.. just miserable , imagine getting a dog flashbanged and trying to get a dude swatted then playing the victim

  78. Anonymous Anonymous

    Chungus, you caused that dog to be killed. It’s time to make amends. #Pay4Pupper

  79. Anonymous Anonymous

    Ian, what you did was unconscionable. The criticism you’re receiving is because lied, and lied, and lied until you finally couldn’t anymore, and even now you’re entirely unapologetic. You still act like what you did was justified (if extreme); you still haven’t made any concessions to Warski, and worst of all you refuse to apologize and you’re actually pretending that you’re the victim here.

    If you’re looking for sympathy, go see a therapist. Because you’ll probably find little to none online.

  80. Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler



    • Anonymous Anonymous

      thank you mr hitler for your service and for all you have done for mankind

  81. Anonymous Anonymous

    ian is so full of poopy its not funny

  82. Anonymous Anonymous

    You swatted someone and got their dog killed.

    PS: The gay porn you uploaded to Warski channel to get him banned is illegal in Malaysian (the place you live). It would be a shame if someone contacted the Government about your actions. If they don’t care about the illegal porn, ill point them towards your (hidden) Virgin islands bank account. You know, because Youtube doesn’t send money to Malaysia accounts.

    AND have a nice day.

    • Meaty Oaker Meaty Oaker

      Sorry Ian but this whole story is a fabrication from your delusional mind and you need to stop lying, there is proof of all and everyone knows it

      P.S. Jim was right

      P.P.S. RRU

  83. Jim Speaks the Truth Jim Speaks the Truth

    Ian Miles Cheong, confirmed homosexual.

  84. Anonymous Anonymous


  85. Anonymous Anonymous

    This is completely fake news. Even CNN articles are not as fake rather than this garbage. If you do your research, you can be able to find a lot of information and actual evidence against Ian. Ian pretty much exposed himself.

  86. Anonymous Anonymous

    This is false.

  87. Anonymous Anonymous

    Ian Miles Snake. This article is a bunch of BULLpoopy!

  88. Ian Miles Cheong's Disappointed Ancestor Ian Miles Cheong's Disappointed Ancestor

    Anyone who’s done even a shred of research on this story would tell you this retelling of events is insanely one-sided at best, 90% false at worst.

    Why would you trust an involved party’s version of what transpired? The only person who backs up Ian Miles Cheong’s story is Ian Miles Cheong, himself.

    The only viable angle I can think of in favor of Ian is that Andy Warski decided to take off basically TWO MONTHS to train, gambling on himself to win the fight, and went back on his deal to sell Hype Break…for $4,000. Andy makes that in ONE month. And he had to quit drinking/eating fast food/doing coke/streaming (i.e. – working)/get in shape/learn to fight. All to set back his own channel growth and halve his own income. Seems sound.

  89. Friendly Twitter User Friendly Twitter User

    You did this all to yourself ahaha. I knew someday your meaningless, inconsistent mumbling on twitter would get you in trouble. I’m glad to see this day has finally come. This is what happens when you’re a complete asswipe.

  90. Anonymous Anonymous

    This is totally fake news. You can’t own up to your mistakes, it’s simple as that.

  91. Anonymous Anonymous

    Lies, lies, lies my omission, and more lies. Wow, I guess you really are a journalist. Funny how you didn’t mention the leaked audio of you admitting to calling the police on Andy.

  92. Anonymous Anonymous

    You swatted someone and got their dog killed.

    PS: The gay porn you uploaded to Warski channel to get him banned is illegal in Malaysian (the place you live). It would be a shame if someone contacted the Government about your actions. If they don’t care about the illegal porn, ill point them towards your (hidden) Virgin islands bank account. You know, because Youtube doesn’t send money to Malaysia accounts.

    have a nice day.

  93. Scott Thomas Scott Thomas

    Cool story, bro. Now for what really happened:

    You saw an opportunity to snag Hype Break while Andy was busy with the Warski fight. Hoping that Tonka won and put Andy out of commission for a few weeks to make the transition smoother.

    Except the fight never happened.

    Andy came out of it a winner, and he caught on to you faster than you anticipated.

    You avoided going on Drama Alert because you’re guilty as hell. So you played the only card left.

    You tried to get Andy arrested.

    If the police found illegal guns and drug then Andy goes to jail

    You play up doing nothing more than your civic duty. If anybody questions why you took Hype Break, you simply say you were saving it from Andy’s erratic and dangerous behavior.

    Except the cops didn’t find a thing. And you were out of options.

    You managed to annoy the wrong people and all the evidence of your misdeeds came bubbling to the surface.

    Nothing you do from here on out will work. Instead, you galvanized those same people to see you pay for what you’ve done.

    Karma catches up. Always.


    So you’re and SJW again? They’re not going to take you back after
    all those comments about how much you admire Hitler.
    Everything you have written can be proven to be false if
    people who aren’t in the know look hard enough. I’m sure
    there will be quite a bit more videos up on Youtube soon enough.
    Your so full of poopy Wan. Way to make yourself look even worse.
    Have any of those complaints to the Malaysian Government come back your way yet?
    They only went in about a week ago, so give it a little more time.
    You are such a lying piece of poopy, anybody who believes this poopyhole is just as bad as he is.
    Drink bleach poopyhole.



  96. Anonymous Anonymous

    #1 admitted to doxing a man in which a dog ended up being blown up
    #2 admitted to taking hype break by changing passwords
    #3 lied by saying HB was yours all along, which all the evidence proves is a lie
    #4 admitted on twitter to posting gay porn on Andy’s channel in attempt to get his other channel banned.
    #5 stole all the Adsense $ by lying to MCM
    #6 admitted to swatting Andy in the attempt to get him killed…you literally said you accused him of everything that would get him killed in the US “not just to get him KILLED but he really did all those things.”

    Anyone who believes anything you say at this point, hasn’t done 5 mins of looking into the circumstances.

    You are truly a psychopath that needs a full investigation by the Malaysian authorities.
    You are an international cyber terrorist at this point.

    There is also a lot of circumstantial evidence (at least at this point circumstantial) of tax evasion, indecency state violations, state treason violations and exchanging CP online.

    You deserve and have earned everything you’re getting. You literally tried to get Andy killed IRL and you’re whining about online “harassment”??

  97. Anonymous Anonymous

    “Hurrr-durrrr, Ralph, Jim and Andy told me to come here but I definitely am not here because they said so. I can think for myself damnit! I’m in 9th Grade now (I hope! Fingers crossed I didn’t fail English again for the 5th attempt in a row).
    Anyway, Warski isn’t a cccccccccccokehead who needs to be slapped upside the head to restart him every time he sssssssstutttttters. I swear I know this because he said so and Andy never lies! Ever! 148 Sweetie Squad!! I’m super ccccccool!”
    —every single idiot who posts a comment on here. I don’t give a poopy about true or false, I know anyone involved with any of these people are gently caressing morons. Ian, RaceWarski, Homeless Bum Ralph, Jim Nice But Dim — too scared to show his face to anyone but quotemines everyone to slag and dust and pretends he’s not an ‘Internet Tough Guy’ simply by defining it his own way, and Gnomestar, our ‘Profesorial Documentarian of Reality’.
    You are all retarded. All of you. But I understand you are convinced you’re that special individual who’s totally here on his own accord to fling an insult, based upon what 3 idiots on the internet have been showing, or not showing, you to their cccccccconvenient narratives. Go ahead, insult me and prove me wrong, how you are definitely not jumping on a bandwagon, how you don’t believe everything Andy Warski or Jimbo or Fat Ralph have said. Prove me wrong by posting illiterate replies that haven’t been motivated by the 2 brain cells working here… 1 for you and 1 shared between the three of them. Pathetíque!

    • replying to ian replying to ian

      ” I don’t give a poopy about true or false” this is obvious

    • Donald J. Trump Donald J. Trump

      This article was written with the verbiage of a 9 year old who is trying to hide the bad deeds they have done. The citations are garbage, and missing in key places. Maybe this “journalist” should learn how to code.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      You are a faggot and you should jump off a cliff (in mine craft)

    • Average Idiot Average Idiot


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Sad you have to anonymously comment on your own article so you have a few comments in your favor. No one else would defend your stupid ass.

  98. Anonymous Anonymous

    Just have a nice day faggot, you keep gently caressing lying and victimizing yourself. Just end it you fat chink incel retard.

  99. Anonymous Anonymous

    Isn’t this the fat ass swamp slope that swatted a guy over a YouTube video?
    Also I’m pretty sure this faggot flip flops on everything so I give it a month before he admits he is a piece of poopy.
    Probably directly after he gets publicly caned for breaking Malaysian porn laws.

  100. Anonymous Anonymous

    You got someones dog killed because you’re a petty child. You should be in prison.

  101. Anon Anon


  102. Anonymous Anonymous


  103. Anonymous Anonymous


  104. Anonymous Anonymous

    Ian, you’re sad. Posting an article about your internet ‘harassment’.
    You deserve all of this and more for what you’ve done, you snake.

  105. Zeph Zeph

    Buckle up kiddo, the ride has just begun.

    • 148FrenGang 148FrenGang

      yeet yeet wave your arms

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Time for this to get emotional!

  106. Anonymous Anonymous

    #Pay4ThePupper and also…..

  107. Anonymous Anonymous

    If you can paypiggy for some e-thot to half heartedly text you on a phone you bought her, then you can pay for the pupper Ian “call me ching chong and your dog won’t live long” Cheong.

  108. Meta article Meta article

    This article is actually meta given the IBS trolls responding in a IBS way in a article about IBS but IBS trolls are dumb so…IBS meta article triggers IBS trolls…

    • 148ganggang 148ganggang

      Hi Ian !

  109. Anonymous Anonymous


  110. Anonymous Anonymous

    Well well, once an SJW always an SJW… your sense of victim hood doesn’t justify what you did to Warski, good luck finding a job

  111. Anonymous Anonymous

    Just give it up @stillcraycray…Learn to code or pick rice…You absolute LOOSER…#PayForPupper…

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Can’t insult someone when you can’t even spell the word correctly, you ABSOLUTE LOSER. Oh sorry, in your speak, LOOSER. Go back to school sweetheart.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        hi ian

  112. Anonymous Anonymous

    Ian you have swatted, doxed, and harassed multiple people. You flat out stole the Hype Break channel from Andy and redirected the money that was owed to him to your pockets. You purposefully attempted to get his channel flagged by uploading gay porn thumbnails onto his videos. You called Andy’s local police and claimed he was a threat to the public in order to initiate a militarized response. You are on AUDIO bragging about that last one. When you did the same thing to Wild Goose and got his dog flashbanged you laughed about it multiple times when confronted by the man.

    You are everything that is wrong with journalism. You are a thin skinned pandoring slacktivist that will use any underhanded method possible in order to exact some form of revenge against someone. You tried to murder Andy Warski because he was making videos about you, gently caressing internet videos. You’re scum and truly hope that karma comes to visit you in your home. Go rot in a jail cell you pathetic worm.

  113. Anonymous Anonymous

    I believe you Ian. Not everyone believes every word out of that obvious cokehead Andy Warski’s mouth. It’s really convenient how everyone is treating you as if you’re the worst person in the world yet they do this while laughing on stream with Zoom. Someone who has bragged that he is the one who tried to swat Joachim but gently caressed up and swatted an innocent family instead. Andy’s fine with him because he’s using him as a weapon. Just as he did with Tonka Saw. Any Warski is a paranoid little weasel who burns every relationship he touches. Even the impressionable teenager he gently caressed up with and got child porn from. He’s a drama whore desperate for money to fund his habit and he’ll burn anyone to get it. You’re just the latest. Just know that not everyone is a mindless troll being led by little worthless men who think they’re somebody because people listen to them on YouTube.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Gently caressed… lol. That should say “fvcked.”

    • Ian Fat Man Child Chunga Ian Fat Man Child Chunga

      So you claim Warski is a pedo again? How about getting sued for defamation considering the only “proof” of that claim was a doctored image… Keep EXPOSING YOURSELF FAT BODY. YOU ARE A gently caressING JOKE.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Hello, Kraut!

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      hi ian

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      How you doing Vamp?

    • Stillgay Stillgay

      Hahaha Ian miles Chungus writing comments to his own article. How low can you think. The cane chungus, the cane !

  114. Anonymous Anonymous

    The real curse of GamerGate is watching all the spergs you followed in 2014 slowly turn into Brianna Wu.

    Pay for the pupper Ian.

  115. Anonymous Anonymous

    You’re done. Just leave the internet.

  116. CH3TN1K CH3TN1K


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Goddamn, is your caps lock broken? You might wanna check your grammar there as well; that was one of the worst run-on sentences I’ve ever seen. Why can’t people at least attempt an insult with correct English? Please stop abusing the language.

      • Discord Academic Discord Academic

        >complaining about people using proper English in the comments section of a no-name website

        Here’s a proper paragraph for you: You are a faggot, who most likely wants to rim Ian’s poop encrusted anus (if you aren’t Ian himself of course trying to save face). You should find a nice long piece of barbed wire, tie a noose, tie one end to a tree on a cliff, and jump off said cliff. You are the most degenerate, retarded, sub-human individuals on the face of the earth, and the only way to ensure the happiness of all mankind is to guarantee the world no longer has a parasite like you sucking up valuable oxygen from those who work for a living. Make everyone happy, and just end your pathetic life you gay retarded cunt.

  117. Ians conscience Ians conscience

    You gently caressed up Ian!

  118. Just think, Ian–if only you were an Asian woman, this self-serving, invert-Gonzo-journalism tripe could’ve been in the Wall Street Journal or NYT.

  119. Ian Miles Chungus Ian Miles Chungus

    Eat poopy Chungus

  120. Anonymous Anonymous

    You tried to SWAT and if Andy was not in Canada he could be dead you fu.cking psycho

  121. ComGreed ComGreed

    Congratulations! You are a meme now.

  122. Godspeed Godspeed

    A day will come when you think you are safe and happy, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth. And you will know the debt is paid for what you did to Andy.

  123. Pilly D Pilly D

    Better learn to code.

    Seriously what’s left after this place falls apart for you? live journal? Angelfire? going to restart geocities?

    Remember Dominos is down the street, call 1-800-DOMINOS tell’em Philly D sent you.

  124. Anonymous Anonymous

    You should pay Warski f.ucking p.iece of s.hit, and pray for pardon

  125. This fat Malaysian faggot constantly breaks the law on an international level. tells lie after lie in the face of actual proof. this cunt gets his feelings hurt on the net and tries to get people killed via swatting. I hope the Malaysian government live streams this gently caressing cunts lashing or execution or what ever they sentence him with.

  126. Anonymous Anonymous

    nigga wut?

  127. Anonymous Anonymous

    gently caress this guy i am not concerned but this attitude piss me off, i hope you will pay for all the bad you have done.

  128. Anonymous Anonymous
  129. Anonymous Anonymous

    You are gently caressing retarded, Andy played by the rules when you used extra-legal dangerous psychotics methods. No one with a bit of logic could pardon that.

    Hope you finish in jail piece of poopy.

  130. Anonymous Anonymous

    Says the guy who tried to swat andy warski. gently caressing lier.

  131. Anonymous Anonymous

    This is a sad attempt at trying to paint yourself the victim here Ian. Own up to your bullpoopy, and take your licks or get off the internet.

  132. Woz Lee Woz Lee

    What is this, a fan fiction of real life events?

  133. Wildgooses dead dog Wildgooses dead dog

    pay for me Ian

  134. Wildgoose's dead dog Wildgoose's dead dog


  135. Anonymous Anonymous

    love me a LIT comment section

  136. Malaysian police Malaysian police

    Your a faggot and You swatted Andy. Get aids already

  137. Anonymous Anonymous


  138. Philly D Philly D

    You should probably learn to code.

    How many places have you written for and how long does it last? a week, a month? Now you’re writing on Next month it’ll be wordpress, by summer you’ll be on angelfire, by next year you’ll be writing on a bbs. Honestly your perseverance is kinda inspiring but sooner or later you’re going to have to face facts and try something else, since the internet is clearly not working for you.

    Remember it’s 1-800-DOMINOS and down the street. So tell’em Philly D sent you.

    • DogKillaSteemKar DogKillaSteemKar

      After WordPress and Angelfire doesn’t work out, enter: Ian Mich-AOL Chong

  139. Anonymous Anonymous

    Hahahahahahahaha How The gently caress Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

  140. senvivaviro senvivaviro

    “Oh nooooo! The people are mad at me and telling me off because” – checks notes – “THEY FOUND OUT ALL THE UNDERHANDED STUFF I DID THROUGHOUT MY CAREER.”

    Yeah, not sure how you’re gonna make this all about how something ‘terrible’ happened to you when it was literally all because of your own actions. Take some responsibility. You’ve admitted to doing the things you’ve been accused of multiple times. Do you need EVS around to have the balls to be proud of what you’ve done?

  141. Anonymous Anonymous

    Has it ever occurred to you that people do not like you because of your actions?

  142. Ian Miles Cant Get Laid Ian Miles Cant Get Laid

    You stole money from Andy, tried to get him killed, got somebody else’s dog killed (and laughed at being told about the dead dog) and somehow YOUR the victim? No wonder Ren friend-zoned and that other girl (who had a BF) exposed you with those audio logs, I bet you’ve never even seen a vagina in your life bitch boy.

    • Anonymous Cant Get Laid Anonymous Cant Get Laid

      No he didn’t….if anyone of you trolls ever bothered actually looking for actual evidence instead of andy tweeted this or that and being a fanboy….that trusts him anyway…

        • I'm bored I'm bored

          Here is the thing most of the comments on here are dumb and made by obvious,gullible,racist gently caresss who I like mocking. Including you…are you as dumb as the other one’s here just being IBS trolls? I’m pretty sure you are as they just link IBS videos proving this about IBS because they are dumb anyway not thinking hey this article is about IBS but i’ll link IBS because that is smart…

          • eighty 8bit eighty 8bit

            Hi Ian !

  143. Anonymous Anonymous


  144. Thomas Nelson Thomas Nelson

    tiocfaidh ár lá

    • Hitler is my idol and it’s a shame he didn’t wipe all of you disgusting garden gnome filth off of this planet. gently caress you, Ian Ching Chong

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Hitler is your idol? I bet you look cute with his little mustache and stupid haircut. Shalom.

  145. Anonymous Anonymous


  146. Anonymous Anonymous

    You literally tried to fatally harm someone by trying to call a swat team to their house. You are garbage and deserve all the hate you are getting

  147. Ian is a gook faggot paypig incel with no penis Ian is a gook faggot paypig incel with no penis

    You are a fat faggot and you deserve to be gassed, lynched, and Guillotined in the most brutal way possible. Whatever comes first. Btw, Andy is more of a man then you will ever be. He always bounces back like the retarded Pheonix he is while you continue to fail as a pay pig degenerate. Hope you get assgently caressed in a Malaysian prison you fat faggot.

    • Anonymous is a gook faggot paypig incel with no penis Anonymous is a gook faggot paypig incel with no penis

      Damn those IBS drugs must be like Warski’s cocain addiction….also what kind of IQ you have warski posted those things and he isn’t particularly bright….

  148. Show Dog Show Dog

    I hope whoever is working with you doesn’t get gently caressed over in the end seems like that’s your trademark nowadays

  149. Anonymous Anonymous

    Imagine being a part of so many outrage mobs as Chungus and then cryin “pls no bully, I depressed” when you’re caught attempting to SWAT someone because you were dumb enough to confirm it on a recording.

  150. Anonymous Anonymous
  151. Anonymous Anonymous

    I hope you go to jail.

  152. Woz Lee Woz Lee

    You are performing the Goebbels tactic – repeating a lie until people establish it as truth. You lie, cheat and steal. The receipts, recordings and admissions are all online. Who are you fooling?

    The IBS would have left you alone if you did not commit any of the gently caressery you pulled on people. Andy did not have any income for 4 months because you changed the Adsense account under his nose. You also took money from Quartering to ‘maintain’ (hahaha) a barebones wordpress site. And when you got found out, you called cops on Andy on the excuse of ‘reporting a crime’. You know that the Royal Malaysian Police won’t have the same mercy that Leafland police have shown to Andy, what if someone did that to you?

    You are really challenging karma right now. Or maybe you are one of those ‘banana’ asians who don’t believe in that?

    • Pay4pupper Pay4pupper

      This monster Ian Miles Cheung got a dog killed then laughed about it to the owners face after Ian doxed him while allegedly in a Xanax induced paranoia. He also sold his influence on reddit and was removed as a moderator over his shady practices. Between Doxing, money laundering, and now swatting he is becoming quite an international criminal.

  153. Mister Minotaur Mister Minotaur

    Just don’t

  154. Anonymous Anonymous

    #Pay4Pupper you swatting fgt

    • Anonymous because I can be Anonymous because I can be

      No evidence of that if you ever actually looked which you won’t because IBS retards require no evidence at all..

  155. Chungus Is A Faggot Chungus Is A Faggot

    I hope the Malaysian government executes you and posts the video on LiveLeak. Go gently caress yourself, Chungus.

  156. Helo Helo

    This is too rich.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      I wanted to speed out on you. But then I sow the name

  157. Anonymous Anonymous


    • Anonymous Anonymous


  158. Anonymous Anonymous

    how many dogs have you eaten today Ian Chungus?

  159. Anonymous Anonymous

    The Cheong cries out in pain as he strikes you.

  160. Anonymous Anonymous

    Ian, you tried to swat Andy Warski. The only reason a swat team didn’t show up is that he lives in Canada, and if he lived in the United States, you could have murdered him. That is something you have to accept.

    • Anonymous who isn't a A$$hole troll Anonymous who isn't a A$$hole troll

      There is no evidence he did that you f$%&^ dimwitted moron…

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        There is an audio recording of him actually admitting it… Are you a dumb dumb? Ian’s fans are as dumb as he is apparently…

        • Anonymous but I'm not a IBS troll Anonymous but I'm not a IBS troll

          What audio IBS troll? I mean I’m sure you can link some IBS smack talk if that makes you feel justified….no evidence dumb,dumb also ain’t audio and video editing and splicing fun?

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            God, you are so retarded Ian.

  161. Bic bic Bic bic

    The only people that would take this article seriously are people that haven’t even spent 3 minutes looking into this feud. You are a snake and this is of your own fault. have a nice day ching chong

  162. Malaysian Government Executioner Malaysian Government Executioner

    The Syariah Courts of the Malaysian government will have a field day once they get all of the information about your crimes sent to them. Can’t wait to see your beheading livestreamed by Andy.
    End yourself you fat subhuman piece of poopy.

    • Anonymous Anonymous


    • Malaysian Government Executioner that doesn't exist Malaysian Government Executioner that doesn't exist

      What crimes? you guys haven’t proven anything other then you buy warski’s BS….

      • Two comments down, one-hundred four…five…six to go!

        Save Ian with your witty retorts!
        You can do it!

        • Reginald Bullykiller 2.0 Reginald Bullykiller 2.0

          So this is the level of intellect IBS trolls have? sad :'(

          • Anonymous Anonymous

            Listen, they may just be trolls but most of them NEVER had a guy swatted because he was offended. You may want to use that BIG brain of yours to do some research before you defend Ian, idiot. Just go on Youtube and check the videos, there are audio recordings of him admitting to ALL of this. Use your brain for once and do your research.

  163. Wen Xian Wen Xian

    Really now Ian? You were smug in hopes that the Canadian police kills Andy Warski for telling them that he’s a mass shooter on the loose and yet you play the victim? Get a gently caressing rope and have a nice day before the Sharia police in Malaysia does it for you. You gently caressing scum.

  164. KrazyKillstreamKrew KrazyKillstreamKrew

    Can I get an F in chat for the flashbanged dog

    • Anonymous Anonymous


  165. Oof Oof

    Things aren’t looking so good here champ, maybe you should give the internet a break. Better yet don’t. Just don’t.

  166. @l3ss3l @l3ss3l

    This is the writings of a pussy. Pussies SWAT and then paint themselves as the victim.

  167. Anonymous Anonymous


    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Oink oink

  168. richyspencerbutwhite richyspencerbutwhite

    Ian you seriously need to gently caress off and die lmao

  169. Anonymous Anonymous

    Ian stop lying- we all know you are at fault and tried to get Andy killed because he called you out on your poopy! Just get off the internet k thx :)))

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      #pay4pupper Ian, you know you caused that poor dog’s death. Tried to get a man killed too, and for what? Some bs internet revenge and to seem cool to the ladies?

  170. Anonymous Anonymous

    Yes, a fine article from… Yeah I had a hearty laugh when I read this. Drink bleach, Wen Xian er I mean Ian Miles Cheong.

  171. Anonymous Anonymous

    Isn´t this Ian Miles Cheong the guy that swatted two dudes and got a dog killed?

  172. Anonymous Anonymous


    mathematicians kill dogs

  173. Cant wait to see this torn apart on the killstream, I would do it myself but I want to give Ethan and Andy the glory.

  174. Anonymous Anonymous

    Ian you are pathetic as gently caress, you yellow, virgin, ugly as gently caress, obese, dog eater, incel, stealer, cum drinker.

  175. Anonymous Anonymous

    No one will miss you when you die. Remember that.

  176. Anonymous Anonymous


  177. Anonymous Anonymous

    You need to pay for that dog Ian

  178. david weimer david weimer

    You tried to get Andy killed Ian, over a set of youtube videos

    You’re in malaysia he’s in canada, and you admitted over audio you didn’t mind if the police swatting u tipped off killed Andy

    stop digging more of a hole for yourself

  179. Ian's Dad Ian's Dad

    Sad. This article is low T and no energy.

  180. Anonymous Anonymous

    Ian is a fat faggot!

  181. How can you paint yourself as a victim when you constantly dox people and tried to get Andy killed? Please fade into obscurity you talentless hack.

  182. stillghey stillghey

    Im always surprised when people keep topping each other for the title of biggest SPED on the interwebz . congrats buddy you earned it

  183. Anonymous Anonymous

    You’re a fat virgin incel who should have killed themselves along time ago you butt ugly freak.

  184. Alex Alex

    I know nothing of what’s going on. But i’m more or less on this persons side. They’ve done nothing that I’ve seen to make me think otherwise. Again, I can only take things at face value. And the comments I’ve seen before this one are 100% probably on the hate train. From the view of an outsider. Unless physical proof of all the crap that’s said to have happened. Comes forth? I doubt i’ll reconsider.

  185. Anonymous Anonymous

    Why is everyone always so mean to me?
    t. Man who habitually stabs people in the back and doxes

  186. This is a tremendously ironic article considering the incredible volume of life-ruining you’ve personally profited from. Remember when you promulgated the rumor that the Charlottesville murderer was a liberal Bernie Sanders supporter based on nothing but posts on /poo/? The Internet remembers.

    And then you did it again with another mass shooting!

    That last one is when the Daily Caller – the Daily gently caressing Caller! – had to disavow anything to do with you, calling you “just some random.”

    I don’t even have time to dig up the dozens and dozens of other times you posted false poopy, /poo/ rumors and other nonsense to “own the libs” or what have you. Literally it’s your entire existence, as much as you try to play the “good boy” card in this ridiculous article.

    It’s also amusing that you can’t even tell the truth about why you were let go from The Quartering. According to Jeremy Hambly, it had nothing to do with the “drama” of you stealing a YouTube channel and SWATting someone. Rather, it’s because your business practices were unethical and you were presenting work done by other people as your own. He talks about it here:

    You’re on tape bragging about calling the police on a former business partner and lying about the presence of drugs and weapons in his home. Writing an article like this, attempting to play the victim, just further illustrates what a grotesque little weasel you are. Thankfully, this will follow you for the rest of your unemployable life.

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      stop roleplaying as jim

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        jims not the only him. #JimsRiseUp

  187. Biggest Victim Biggest Victim

    Why you always lying…. you’re the victim of your own self making.

  188. Anonymous Anonymous

    How can you seriously post this article attempting to spin yourself into an innocent victim in this situation? What is wrong with you?

    Why didn’t you address putting gay porn thumbnails up on Warski’s channel, which you also admitted to? Is it because it is illegal to possess gay porn in your country?

    You are a disingenuous malicious snake. I doubted Warski’s claims originally that you were relaying information to Vamp who in turn relayed it to Tonka, but after your moves following that revelation, I 100% believe Warski at this point.

    You could’ve gotten Warski killed because your feelings were being hurt when you were called out. Find a job off of the internet. Go work construction, go be a janitor, go work at a fast food restaurant, you will never live this down.

  189. Anonymous Anonymous

    lol fag

  190. Anonymous Anonymous

    Everything in this propaganda screed is utterly fake, phony and false. You Ian(real name Wan Xian) are responsible for stealing Hype Break, swatting Wild Goose’s father (b/c u thought it was his address), which resulted in the dog getting a flashbang grenade exploded on the dogs head(mutilating it so badly it had to be put down) and you personally admitted to calling the Canadian cops on Andy saying he’s “armed and dangerous, he has coke, he is prone to fits of anger, schizophrenia and violence. Also he has many illegal guns and has threatened to shoot anyone who knocks on his door.” Reciepts=

    • Anonymous but I'm a cowered on the net Anonymous but I'm a cowered on the net

      Damn trolls today have the brain quality of a dodo and buy twitter gossip like its sex and the city lol how dumb are you people lol

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        Listen to the audio and judge for yourself, dumb melanoid.

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        There’s gently caressing audio of him admitting to it you gently caressing mongoloid.

  191. Anonymous Anonymous

    You’re only getting what a retarded mongoloid deserves.

    • I see....racism.... I see....racism....

      I find it funny how most of waski trolls on here are either bigoted in some way or blatantly racist like you….racist poopyhole

      • poor poor ian poor poor ian

        Its funny that Ians actions were so low it gives them the moral high ground though right

      • Anonymous Anonymous

        At least they don’t try to get people killed you gay melanoid.

  192. Jack Jack

    Except you flat out admitted calling the police on Andy on nothing more than assumption, then bragged about it on stream.

    Lying only works when evidence is non-existent. On top of everything else going on, now you’re guilty of libel.

    You just keep digging that hole deeper.

    • call the po po! call the po po!

      I’m certain Andy had the cops called on him more then a few times…by other people…

  193. Reethan Galph Reethan Galph

    January never ends!

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Finally, news the guntry needs to see.

      #GG Gunts rise up!

  194. Anonymous Anonymous

    Hmm trying to spin to save face I see… how can you have Adsense when you live in Malaysia, is it because you are cheating Google and have a bank account offshore. Maybe you should focus on fixing yourself and not pointing blame at others. Get some help dude you have major issues and are 100 times worse than tonka.

  195. Anonymous Anonymous

    F A G G O T

  196. Anonymous Anonymous

    What a gently caressing faggot

  197. Anonymous Anonymous

    >sends WildGoose’s dox around
    >cries because WildGoose shot back

    >tried to get Andy Warski murdered
    >cries because Andy Warski shot back

    You know Ian, if you were an adult you could see how you could stop being attacked, since you so far were always the instigator of your “anguish” you portray so pathetically here.

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