Interested in a business degree? Here are some popular options The right business degree will help you find a rewarding position and a good return on the investment.

A degree in business will provide you with a solid foundation in the strategies, principles, and theories that will be essential to getting the career you want. There is a wide range of business degree options available and whether you’re just starting out with your first bachelor’s degree or want to achieve an advanced degree to boost your career opportunities, choosing the right option for you is important.

Here are some options that might be ideal for you.

Business Administration

You can study business administration at undergraduate or postgraduate level with well-rounded degrees that are designed to help you master the fundamental aspects of a business. You will gain a better understanding of how a business operates, develop a range of strategies for running or managing a company, and learn about how businesses plan for and react to changes in the industry successfully. This degree will also teach you how to make better business decisions, plans for the future, think critically, and improve the analytical skills that you need for a successful business career.


Whether you see yourself running your own global business in the future or want to move up the ranks to a management position at a top international company, a degree in global business management could be ideal for you. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in business or significant business and management experience, this masters in business management online from Aston University could be ideal.

Studying for a management degree will give you the option to fine-tune your leadership skills and understand what it takes to become a successful and well-respected manager that inspires their team to achieve. The skills that you develop can be applied in many different career options whether you are managing people, processes, or your own business.


If the idea of becoming your own boss is one that is appealing to you, a degree that focuses on entrepreneurship could be the perfect option for you to consider. Although there are no formal entry requirements for starting your own company, if you would like to run your own business and be successful at it, you can certainly help yourself by gaining more knowledge and expertise through an entrepreneurship degree course.

In this course, you will not only be learning more about the skills and knowledge that you need to start and run your future business, but you’ll also get the chance to build your professional network and make new professional contacts in your peers who may be able to offer support and help for your business in the future.


If you enjoy the numbers side of the business, a degree in accounting can open up several different opportunities to you. Every business needs a good accountant to ensure that its finances are running smoothly, taxes are paid, and that everything is compliant.

With this degree, you will learn a range of key skills including analyzing financial statements, preparing financial documents for internal and external business use, and managing all the financial aspects of the business and operations. You will have a huge range of career opportunities with a degree in accounting whether you would like to work solely for a company as an accountant or start your own accounting business where you will be working with a range of different clients.

Human Resources

The human resources department is essential for many businesses, and many small businesses today work with outsourced human resources staff in order to cut costs and get the best for their employees. Human resource management degrees will prepare you for a career in recruiting and selecting the best talent, arranging new employee onboarding and training, dealing with payroll, assessing and planning workforce needs, interviewing potential new hires, dealing with employee grievances and complaints, providing employee benefits and more.


Finance degrees offer a combination of the basics of accounting with business principles, project management and economics. Many finance degree courses are flexible and have a range of module options for you to choose from so that you can design the degree course that is going to have the best impact on your future career choices. Whether you want to improve your expertise in business law, statistics, business strategy, economics, or organizational changes, a finance degree can help you to achieve these goals.

A degree in finance can open several future business career opportunities including work as a financial analyst or financial planner; both career positions that are in high demand by businesses in all industries around the world.


Marketing has never been more important for businesses that are operating in the information age. Today, it is easier than ever for a customer to go online and find out as much as they need about a business they are considering shopping with or hiring for a task, which is why strong marketers are needed in every industry.

Studying for a marketing degree will allow you to improve your skills when it comes to attracting the right audience, putting together marketing campaigns, and financing advertising. You will learn more about researching consumer behavior and using the trends that you find to plan your future marketing campaigns in a way that is likely to ensure that they attract the right people.

You may be spending your time coming up with new and interesting ways to help a business get the message across and improve engagement with their audience in order to boost traffic, conversions, and profits across the board. A marketing degree opens up opportunities for your career in a huge range of industries and can give you an advantage when starting your own business.

Whatever your business career goals, there are many related degree options that you may want to consider to boost your success and find further opportunities.

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