Influence over others

Ever since I became ultratwink and started dressing cute, I’ve noticed that men and woman are treating me with way more respect now. Men help me do things more often (not in a demeaning way) and act protective of me, and laugh at my jokes much more. They listen to me more and follow my lead.

Women constantly compliment me and I often recieve gifts/food from them, and when I’m around multiple girls they clearly compete for my attention. I had my blood drawn yesterday and the cute nurse stared at me and called me "extremely pretty". My girlfriend practically worships the ground I walk on. Women approach me at the grocery store to tell me I’m cute or tell me I look like Kurt Cobain.

I don’t mean to sound egotistical. I was fat and dressed like an autist my whole life. I’m used to being invisible or outright bullied. Are people treating me normally now? Or did I unlock something better?

18 thoughts on “Influence over others

  1. Anonymous says:

    The same happened to me when I lost weight. Was fat all my life and lost down to 105lbs and the way I was treated was night and day. I think it’s just how attractive people experience life and we notice it more because we were fat autists and were treated worse growing up.

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