I'm an adult male who loves to wear black veils and bridal cloaks for women. Is that normal?

I’m a man in my 30s and I recently realized I have a thing for black bridal cloaks and black veils, something a woman would be likely to wear to some alternative gothic-style wedding.

It all began while I was reading someone’s unpublished novel in my brother’s laptop, which the author personally sent to my brother. I really enjoyed that novel and I found myself seeing the female protagonist as an ideal romantic partner. It’s a shame that novel is still unreleased.

Anyway, there were a few novel scenes where the female protagonist wore something similar to a black bridal cloak. It wasn’t even very plot-relevant, most readers probably wouldn’t even be thinking much about it, but the image of that woman wearing that cloak just stuck with me and now I have this strange fascination with black bridal cloaks and veils. I somehow associate them with that female character I like, even though that wasn’t even quite what she was wearing in the book. But aside from liking the image of a beautiful woman wearing such a garment, I also enjoy wearing such garments myself. (Also, I know black veils are commonly associated with mourning, but not to me. I rather find them somehow romantically mysterious.)

Most people would jump to the conclusion that this is some sexual kink, but there is actually nothing sexual about it, which may be the strangest part of it. I do not experience sexual arousal while wearing such things, I just experience some emotional fulfillment and comfort in that thin black fabric touching my skin. I love the sight of it, the touch of the fabric, the minimal yet perceptible layer of warmth it brings… I could spend hours sitting in solitude wearing a black veil or bridal cloak and just letting my thoughts wander around. I also have this strange fantasy of a woman like the one from the book wrapping me in her cloak/veil, in an intimately affectionate (albeit not necessarily sexual) gesture.

Am I normal? LMAO

15 thoughts on “I'm an adult male who loves to wear black veils and bridal cloaks for women. Is that normal?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Even just glancing over your essay clearly indicates you’re a massive sperg, but who cares if you prance around in goth bride larp, go for it bestie.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting. What exactly made you think I might have Asperger’s? (Maybe you’re not wrong, the truth is I haven’t gotten tested yet, so I’m curious what indications you noticed.)

      Also yes, I did think it might be amusing to take a walk in a black veil and observe random strangers’ reactions. I may do that eventually.

        • Anonymous says:

          LMAO. So when you encounter a person you assume to be mentally weak, it really makes you feel so good and powerful to say something to them you think will make them feel miserable? If that really feels so good, to cause emotional pain to people who did you no harm, then the stupid here might just be you. Also, I won’t heck off only because you want me to. LMAO

          • Anonymous says:

            I don’t have thin skin and I don’t get easily offended. I wasn’t offended or upset by you calling me a stupid, I was just psychoanalyzing you based on your actions. LOL
            I’m not politically correct and I don’t have an issue with so-called slurs generally, Yes, political correctness is an exaggeration and charade and it’s downright ridiculous, but for your information, some people actually have a low self-esteem because of their mental conditions and getting insulted like that can have a very detrimental effect on them. It’s not about the choice of words, it’s about the intention behind them – about the fact that your intention is to hurt someone who did no harm to you, only because of some trait of theirs that they were born with and didn’t get to choose. I’m not one of those, yes I’m weird in hundreds of ways, but you can throw all the insults you can think of at me and you won’t bring me down – but I actually have friends with low self-esteem, whom I’ve witnessed being on the verge of suicide as a result of encountering people like you. You’re a bully, and in all honesty, that’s worse than being a so-called "stupid".

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