28 thoughts on “i want to look like giran irl

      • Anonymous says:

        im just stupid

        OP dont try to pull this off cheap it will be obvious. Look tom ford gucci, for inspo, For budget option look at ralph lauren black label or purple label second hand.

        do NOT do a matching suit set

        For suiting, the most important thing is that it fits well. secondly look for good materials (wool & cotton). ofc depends on the weather ur dressing for too, cotton for summer blag blah blah.

        if u wanna keep it more casual, instead of slacks, go for jeans or corduroy pants, i got these recently for that reason: https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/rrl/black-officers-trousers/13244791

  1. Anonymous says:

    TopG core, I would probably go to Marshalls or target for the collard shirt, maybe the guess outlet for the blazer and pants can’t be cheaper out since the fit is everything, shoes I would go for the loafers that vans make, emerica has a good loafer too and you can skate in them which is always a plus

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for being one of the few to actually help me out.

      The only time you should smoke is at restaurant that serve shisha/hookah, that’s when your outfit really shines

      I guess. But not a lot of places around here like that.

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