89 thoughts on “I want to be an art hoe but I dont have BPD?

  1. Anonymous says:

    OP, do NOT (not), under any circumstance, post your real face on LULZ. Any constructive advice will be buried under an avalanche of anons who get to tear someone down directly with no consequences.
    This superficial hellhole will eat your self esteem.
    The best option is to post pics as if you found them and are curious, but even that’s dumb. No normal person will meet this dumps standards

  2. Anonymous says:

    >been insecure for my naturaly red cheeks for years and this hoe it out here painting the shit on for fun
    im gonna freak

  3. Anonymous says:

    theres a girl that looks like OP’s pic my gf works with and my gf hates her and is constantly annoyed by her and the stories she tells me about her always are very funny.

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